This Groom Surprised His Bride with a Wedding!

How would you feel if you suddenly realize that you’re going to have your dream wedding 30 minutes from now? In the words of today’s bride, “It was out of this world. It was the most exhilarating thing that’s ever happened to me!”

The groom, Magnus, perfectly orchestrated the whole surprise wedding for Lara without dropping any hints and with a seamless “fake story” to cover up. Imagine the shock and awe of Lara upon finding out that the wedding she thought was cancelled is finally happening! Oh, cue the happy tears! This groom deserves a standing ovation for stepping up and planning the perfect surprise. Read about how it all happened through the narration of Lara while going through the shots of Danielle Sum Photography.

“It was October 15, 2021 when I thought I was attending just a photo shoot. The fake story: One of our photographer friends needed to do a bridal photoshoot for a start-up magazine, and so she needed me to join as a favor. A free family photo shoot was my reward. Why not! I shopped for my dress at their “partner” bridal shop, prepared to do my make-up, and showed up professionally on the day. Needless to say, even exasperated, and just wanting to get it over with and move on to my husband’s promised ‘date night’.” Lara, Bride

“At excactly 3:30pm, the photographer came in the dressing room and presented a laptop where she played a video. It was my father who is living overseas and couldn’t make it to Canada. My dad speaks in a mellow and calm manner, which confused me so much in the beginning, until I realized what was happening. He is the one who reveals the whole thing.” Lara, Bride

“I found out I was having my own wedding 30 minutes before walking down the aisle!” Lara, Bride

“We had our civil marriage in 2018 and planned our big wedding in 2019. But because of the political upheaval in Hong Kong (where we were living then), the pandemic, and having two babies, the wedding kept being pushed back, postponed, and then eventually cancelled.” Lara, Bride

“I had to swallow the fact that there may never really be a wedding. Maybe there can be a 10-year anniversary wedding? But it won’t ever be the same dream wedding I’ve always envisioned.” Lara, Bride

“Until my husband decides to do the outrageous. He did such an astounding job that I want to share it with the world and hopefully inspire the men to step it up when it comes to planning their weddings.” Lara, Bride

Photographer: Danielle Sum Photography  | Videographer: Tiffany Ho | Venue: The Willow Springs Winery | Bride’s Dress: Avenue 22 Bridal

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