Basking in Beauty

If you remember a few months ago, we featured the super-cute Ting Hun of Derek and Krystle. Why am I not surprised that their wedding is even lovelier? I could speak of so many things I am loving in this wedding. Krystle was simply glowing in her nothing-short-of-a-work-of-art gown. The style, flowers and ambiance gave a relaxed, young vibe that is a breath of fresh air from the usual stiff wedding decor. And best of all, the couple had personalities that made their day not only gorgeous but definitely fun.

Before we move along, let me share with you a tidbit of trivia:

Do you ever wonder why most US wedding photographers come up with great just-the-right-amount-of-sunnyness pictures? It’s because the sun over there is not as strong as the sun we get here. That’s why our talented photographers have to work an extra mile to make one look picture-perfect on their wedding day. J Lucas Reyes is one of my favorite photographers who is slowly making a buzz in the wedding industry radar. His light and photo treatment reminds me of pictures taken in the US. If you’re one to like that style, J makes it happen. Let his photos take you to another world, a whimsically romantic one at that.

Photographer: J Lucas Reyes / Gown: Cary Santiago / Entourage Gowns: Veejay Floresca / Hair and Make-up: Xeng Zulueta & Felicity Son / Flowers: Robert Blancaflor / Band: Taken by Cars (Derek ‘Siopao’ Chua on guitar)

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