Your Quick Guide to Planning Your Wedding in 2022 and Beyond

Congratulations on your engagement! And just like that, we welcome you to the exciting world of wedding planning. Most probably, your head is still up on clouds as you replay the perfect moment when you said yes…until someone asks you, “so when is the wedding happening?” Don’t worry, this is where we come in. Because of the pandemic, planning a wedding is different now as compared to before. The timelines have changed and more details have to be considered for the safety of everyone. Here’s a basic list of things to keep in mind as you start planning your big day slated in 2022 onwards.

Your Quick Guide to Planning Your Wedding in 2022 and Beyond

Book your vendors earlier

Before the pandemic, the advice was to book your wedding suppliers roughly a year before your wedding date. But because of so many events and weddings that have been postponed and rescheduled for the past two years, expect that you’ll have a hard time finding an open slot for in demand wedding vendors. Book your non-negotiable suppliers and allot a 12-18 month lead time for them. Try and try until you find a common schedule that will work for you and your dream team.

Think long and hard about your guest list

One good thing that the pandemic has taught us the past years is to be intentional. As you list down your guest list, always ask yourself this question: “If only 10 people are allowed to attend my wedding, will this guest be part of the list?” Your answer will determine how important it is for you to have this person attend your wedding. Increase the number in the question. If by the time you reach 100 pax and the answer is still ‘no’, then you might want to rethink if you really want that person to be in your wedding!

Set aside a budget for pandemic related requirements

The wedding guest list and vendor list became shorter the past years, but the safety protocol requirements became longer! If you’re planning your wedding for 2022 onwards, make sure to set aside enough budget for swab test kits, masks, alcohol, and other items that will make sure that you and your guests will feel safe during your wedding. Some wedding suppliers will charge more also to off-set their pandemic expenses like PPEs and the like, so consider this also as you breakdown your wedding budget.

Always plan other options

Before the pandemic, you only had to plan for one wedding. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, you need to have Plan B, C, and D as options. Talk to your wedding suppliers on how you can adjust your initial plans just in case you have to move the date or changes have to be made.

Order your wedding outfit ahead of time

It was easier to go on regular fittings pre-pandemic. Now that your movements are restricted, planning your wedding wardrobe will take more time. Factor in the adjusted work schedule of your fashion designer, the delivery time of the dress to you, and the back and forth repairs needed. Especially if you’re ordering your wedding gown from abroad, add in around six months breathing space to your timeline.

Decide if you want your wedding to be available virtually

Having your wedding available online for your other friends and relatives to witness is totally up to you. Talk about it as a couple and figure out if this is something you both are comfortable with. If you decide that it’s a need and that it will make both of you happy, look for a supplier who can take care of this service for you.

Stay in love no matter what!

Planning a wedding at this time is no easy feat. You’ll feel like your plans are progressing very slowly, as if nothing is getting accomplished. Then, once everything is finally in place, the circumstance might force you to replan everything again from scratch. When frustrating delays and changes happen, pause and remind yourself of the most important thing. No matter what, always go back to love. Happy planning!





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