Boo: Here’s How You Can Scare Off Negativity from Wedding Planning!

We’ve all heard our fair share of wedding planning horror stories. From overbearing in-laws to no-show suppliers, there’s an endless list of things that could leave you running the opposite direction of the altar. Before you get any ideas, do remember that it’s almost always worth it in the end and there are a few things you can do to make it easier. It all starts with a good bridal battlecry, such as—say goodbye to negativity and attract only productivity. Repeat to self in front of a mirror every day until true. Alternately, you can keep on reading to find out just how you can scare off negativity from wedding planning. Boo to the wedding planning blues, we all know true love’s got nothing on you!


(Header) Close yourself off to the negativity of others. 

Everyone seems to have an opinion these days and they tactlessly share them, not knowing the power their words actually hold. If you feel like hanging out with certain people always leaves you feeling down, it might be because their energy is toxic. As a bride-to-be or as a good friend, you can actually ask them to stop being so negative. Let them know that weddings are supposed to be a celebration and you would prefer if they tried to keep their outlooks positive as well.


(Header) Choose your battles.  

It can really take a toll on you and your mental health when you alternate arguing with your fiancée and arguing with your in-laws for every wedding planning decision. It could be because you have different styles or maybe you’re all just so excited for the festivities. Whichever the case, keep an open mind and be willing to compromise at times. If a certain suggestion is really not to your liking, you can politely let the other person know you’re already set and working on it with your contracted wedding vendor.



(Header) Lean on your support system. 

Whether it’s your partner, your maid of honor, or your furbaby (a.k.a. your most trusted confidant), call a friend when you need the support. You can talk to your significant other first since a little honestly might be the only thing you need to come up with a creative solution to any problem. Alternately, you can also tap the rest of your support system when you’re looking to talk about your feelings or even to delegate a few tasks for the wedding.



(Header) Stop when it gets too stressful. 

There may be a few crucial moments in the planning process when you feel the world is against you and you’re about ready to simply elope. Unsolicited advice, unforeseeable changes, and uncooperative suppliers are the usual suspects that trigger such emotions, don’t you think? When you sense you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by it all, it’s time to hit pause and take a step back. There’s no firm rule on how long you can put planning on hold, but do take as long as you need to refresh your mind and recharge your system.



(Header) Don't sweat the small stuff. 

Save your energy for the more important challenges ahead. Allow yourself to let go when it’s something trivial or when the situation is our of your control. You don’t have to personally dot every “i” and cross every “t” when you have a team of suppliers who have got your back. They may do things a little differently, but at the end of the day, you can trust that you’re all working towards the same goal—a smooth and well-executed wedding day. Read this for a few more tips on how you can be a bridechilla.



(Header) Remind yourself why you're doing this in the first place. 

Circle back to what really matters, the love you share with your significant other and your commitment to forever. So what if every detail does not go according to your plan? You still have the rest of your life with the love of your life to look forward to. Taking some time to reflect on this and the plans you both have for the future might just provide the boost of energy you need to get back on track and sail through to the finish line.



(Header) Make time to just have fun with your partner. 

Go on a date night or a short couple’s trip where all wedding talk is off the table. Instead, plan a relaxing or activity-filled (depending on what kind of couple you are) date doing things you love doing together, but have not had the time to do recently. It will definitely get tempting to bring up the w-word when you scroll past a wedding post on Instagram or get notified of an email from a supplier, but try your best to control the urge. You’ll thank yourself later.



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