How to Deal with Your Bride During the 7 Stages of Wedding Planning

Alright, guys. We all know why you’re here. Women are confusing creatures, I will admit, and even though you’re certainly on your way to pledging commitment and lifelong love to your fiancee, that still doesn’t mean that you know exactly what she’ll be like once the wedding planning commences. That’s where I come in. I’m going to be detailing everything you should expect during each stage of the wedding planning, the emotions your bride will probably have, and what you can do about it. They say being prepared is the greatest weapon you’ll have–so gents, you’re welcome.


Stage 1: The Engagement

So you’ve just proposed and have just announced your engagement on social media. She’s floating on cloud nine, constantly looking at the ring to double check if it’s real, and already thinking of wedding plans. I’m going to be saying it now guys, this is probably the stage you’ll want to take full advantage of, and soak up all of her happiness, because things are about to get a bit more real…

What to expect: A lot of congratulations from relatives and friends you haven’t heard from in a while, your Facebook post of your engagement to get more likes than all of your other posts combined, people asking for the proposal story, her excitedly talking about themes, colors, venues, and clothes.

What she’s feeling:

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What to do: Go along with the ride. Enjoy it! You’re engaged too!


Stage 2: Post-Engagement

Now that the two of you have come down from your honeymoon high, it’s time to get down to business and face the music. This is the time the wedding planning will become real for the both of you, and that usually means one thing: The Budget. Nobody likes talking about it, but unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil.

What to expect: Several talks about your budget. You’re lucky if you can just have one conversation about it, but usually, you’ll start out with a figure, realize how unrealistic it is, then go back to the drawing board. If both sets of parents are pitching in, you might want to have this discussion with them too.

What she’s feeling: 

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What to do: There will be a lot of things that she will want at the beginning that, quite frankly, are way above and beyond your budget. Just keep strong, and tell her no. She might pout and frown a little (or a lot), but she’ll thank you in the end.


Stage 3: The Mid-Way Mark

So you’ve chosen your themes and colors, made a downpayment on your venue, and are halfway through the wedding planning. This is where the nitty gritty stuff come into play, where the little details and decisions will truly reveal how different your tastes really are. Whether it’s invitations, the cake, the entertainment–remember this one word: Compromise.

What to expect: Expect this stage to be a little rocky. There are thousands of options and choices for flower arrangements, calligraphy, cake flavors, souvenirs, and more. And with all of that to choose from, the both of you will have to decide on just one. Yes, one. Expect that you’ll both want different things and that sometimes your priorities just aren’t the same.

What she’s feeling:

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What to do: So what do you do? Take a deep breath, and… you guessed it! COMPROMISE. List down your non-negotiables, and communicate. Why did you choose your non-negotiables? Does your partner agree? Why or why not? Set parameters and work within them. Remember, the wedding is a party and a celebration, but your marriage is what’s important here.


Stage 4: The Engagement Shoot

You know it’s getting down to the wire when your engagement shoot is just around the corner. You were just picking out cakes and then suddenly, here you are the day of your engagement shoot, trying to figure out what angle is best, trying not to sit on your fiancee’s skirt, and trying not to sweat. Sounds about right.

What to expect: If you’re new to all of this, and not particularly used to being in front of the camera, then expect a lot of awkwardness at first. It might seem odd posing in front of a camera in selected outfits, but don’t worry, that’s totally normal. And hey, just relax, and remember that this is also a moment for you two to enjoy and bond over!

What she’s feeling: 

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What to do: First off, don’t worry too much. I know it’s harder than it sounds like, but if you’re tense and worried, it will show in your photos. Take deep breaths, and trust your suppliers. Listen to your photographer–he or she has probably done this plenty of times, and will be able to direct you. And secondly, enjoy it!


Stage 5: The Storm

Alright, you’re more than halfway through. Just a few more weeks until the big day. Now’s the time to bunker down because the storm has entered your area of responsibility.

What to expect: There will be last-minute situations and scenarios that will need fixing, there will be something going wrong (no matter how much the both of you have prepared), and she will be stressed, panicked, and not exactly easy to talk to at the moment.

What she’s feeling:


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What to do: As in any storm, you have to be cautious. You also have to be the calm in the storm, because no one else will be. Whatever she needs done, you get it done. This is a very painful stage, but if there’s a time to suck it all up, now would be it. It’s okay, you’re almost there.


Stage 6: D-Day

This. Is. It. This is the day. This is what months and months of planning have all led up to. If wedding planning was a marathon, the wedding day would probably be the much awaited finish line where victory awaits you.

What to expect: Honestly, everything will probably be a big blur to you. Everything will move way faster than you anticipated, and somehow, from the prepping for the ceremony, you’ve managed to find yourself taking photos with friends and family at the reception. That aside, expect lots of happy tears and congratulations, LOTS of photo taking, and plenty of mingling with the guests.

What she’s feeling:

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What to do: You seriously only have one job. Stay. At. The. Altar. Period.


Stage 7: The Day After

Ahhh, it’s over. You’re married. You’ve survived. And your new life as a couple has finally begun.

What to expect: I’ll be honest–you probably will be tired and hungover. But hey, for the greatest day of your life, a little hangover is probably nothing. And with your new Mrs. by your side, most definitely worth it.

What she’s feeling:

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What to do: Sleep, rest. You need and deserve it. Another thing you can do? Bask in the glory that you’re now entering married life with the woman you love.


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