Some Photographers Share Suggestions on Things Couples Can Try to Avoid on Their Big Day!

Have you ever wondered what goes through a photographer’s mind when shooting the most important day in a couple’s life? We’re sure you’ve seen how dreamy it is to always be surrounded by love and fairytales, but have you ever thought about the not-so-romantic side of the profession? Since it’s their job to capture smiles, they are willing to go the extra mile to keep the couple smiling. Whether it’s helping out fellow vendors or climbing great heights (literally) to get that perfect shot, anything goes for the happy couple!

Some Photographers Share Suggestions on Things Couples Can Try to Avoid on Their Big Day!

Today we turn the spotlight back and ask a few photographers what they wish they could say to their clients. While you can expect suppliers to act professionally in any situation, avoiding these ten things might just make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. We asked some photographers to get candid with us and here’s what they had to say! While these are things that some photographers suggest to avoid, it’s still best to consult your chosen photographers on the best practices they recommend for your big day.

Give your photographer an overwhelmingly long list of shots and pegs.

Photographers generally welcome pegs and ideas to get to know the couple and what they want, but it’s also important to trust your photographer. Usually, your photographer has gone through the motions of a wedding more times than you can count and knows exactly what needs to be done. You chose your photographer for a reason. Have faith in his or her vision and professionalism instead of insisting on a style or set of shots from another. You have the same goal of capturing priceless moments in beautiful photos, and trusting his or her method can only help achieve this goal.

Continuously check the photos in the middle of the shoot.

Of course you’re excited to see the photos. That’s completely understandable and some photographers purposely want to show you a preview for added confidence! Check them out a few times to adjust yourselves and ease your curiosity, but don’t repeatedly disrupt your photographer’s creative process. Allow the professionals to direct you and make adjustments as they see fit. You will thank them later.


Include traditions you're not comfortable with just because.

It’s difficult to shoot moments when the bride or the groom are uncomfortable with the situation. It’s more organic when the program is filled with things that really matter to the couple and not just traditions they feel they have to do because everybody does them. Intentionally choose details and traditions that feel right to you and don’t feel pressured into doing anything that does not.

Sweat over the small stuff.

Micromanaging the smallest details will only make it more difficult for everyone and eat up time better spent relaxing or taking more photos. Allow yourself to let go and be fully present in all aspects of your special day. Photographers and other suppliers will do everything needed to make sure the day you’ve been dreaming about unfolds smoothly. Trust them to put out the fires and do the heavy-lifting for you.


Rush the creative process.

The wedding day timeline is tight and suppliers know it’s a continuous battle for more time. If you have plans of taking photos with a large number of groups or at a picturesque spot a walk away from the venue, make sure you let your wedding planner know. It takes time and patience to get in the zone for both the photographers and the subjects. It’s part of the job to be conscious of time, and it always helps to plan ahead.


Obsess over every misplaced hair or wrinkle.

It shows in photos when you’re bothered or when your mind is somewhere else. Don’t stress over what you want the photos to look like. Rather, think about the person you’re about to spend the rest of your life with. Genuine emotion and movement is how you get great photos, so just have fun and enjoy the ride. You wouldn’t want to look back at the photos and remember the things that were bothering you instead of the things that kept you smiling.


Wear a ton of make-up and demand to look natural.

How much or how little make-up will be put on is entirely up to the bride, but it gets a little tricky when there’s a request to make heavy make-up look light. We’re talking poorly blended product and shades mismatched to your skin. It’s always a good idea to have a trial hair and make-up session before the big day, just to make sure. A little goes a long way, so it’s best not to over do it for fresher, more natural looking photos. This goes to for the groom too!


Expect the photographer to work magic.

Don’t get us wrong, your photos should come out nothing short of magical! What we mean here is a different kind of magic… the magic of Photoshop! If your ring bearer is crying in all his photos or you have a guest dressed in loud, neon colors, there’s not much a photographer can do. It’s understandable to ask the photographer to “make me look thin” or “papayatin mo braso ko” as long as it is in moderation. We are self-conscious creatures after all, but it’s also important to understand that Photoshop can’t fix everything.


Let the fatigue lead to fights.

It can be because of an early call time or maybe a lengthy photoshoot during cocktail hour. It is completely normal to feel exhausted even before the reception begins. Ask to take a break if needed, and breathe in the occasion instead of forcing a smile. This might just lead to arguments over the amount of photos taken, which puts the couple, the photographer, and all other vendors in an awkward position.


Assume that editing  photos is as simple as applying a filter.

This one applies to the days following the wedding. There’s a reason that photographers specify the turnaround time for the delivery of the edited photos in their contract. A lot of heart and hard work goes into preparing the photos and ensuring they are turned over to you in their best edits, consistently put together, and in proper sequence. Trust us. They know you can’t wait to share the photos. They are doing their best to deliver quality as quickly as possible.


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