These Suppliers are Offering Both Photo and Video Packages for Your Wedding!

While many things are changing and your wedding plans right now seem to be tentative, it might help to book suppliers who can offer two services at once. This can possibly minimize your coordination time and effort and it can also help you negotiate a better package deal for your wedding. We list down eight […]

Nice Print Photography’s Intimate Wedding Package Starts at 35K

If you’re planning an intimate wedding, Nice Print Photography has put together a photo and video package for as low as 35K for weddings scheduled on June to September 2020. All shoots will start once the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is lifted. Send them a message at for more details.   Tagged: Intimate Wedding […]

This Photography Team Shares Their Favorite Wedding Moments Through The Years

Professional wedding photographers all have different versions of how they started out–stories of trial and error, push and pulls, and eventually opportunities and breakthroughs. But one common factor that is required of them to continue staying strong in the business is their time spent in it. Today, the spotlight is on Nice Print Photography as […]

Actor JC De Vera and Rikkah Cruz Played Dress Up in Old Manila

Actor JC De Vera and fiancée Rikkah Cruz kept their relationship away from the public eye, but there sure was nothing subtle about their stylish Old Manila-inspired engagement shoot! They slipped in different outfits and explored different iconic sites, creating new memories together before they walk down the aisle. With the rehabilitated Jones Bridge set […]

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We’re All for LA Revilla and Denden Lazaro’s Practical Wedding!

Planning a practical wedding is like playing sports. It requires strategy and an immense focus on the grand prize—something both LA Revilla and Denden Lazaro, professional basketball and volleyball players respectively, are all too familiar with! From choosing a convertible dress, wearing sneakers instead of high heels, and inviting only their closest friends and family […]

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