This Bride Rocked a Romper on Her Wedding Day!

With all the uncertainties that Anton and Dan went through while planning their wedding day, one thing was certain: Bride Dan wanted to wear something different. And so she did! She’s the first ever bride we featured here who wore shorts down the aisle and we are all for it!

Originally scheduled to get married last July 31, this couple had to deal with all the curveballs that were thrown at them, just like any couple caught up in the current pandemic. They decided that a small ceremony will do for now and maybe have a bigger celebration when everything clears up.

“We were initially not planning to put any extra effort on this small event. I was going to wear something random that was in my closet and just go to a small restaurant and have a meal together. But later on, Anton and I decided to find small ways to make our day special. We're getting married after all!” - Dan, Bride

All their efforts paid off as you can see through the photos shot by Pearl Studio below. The victory and relief that is painted on Anton and Dan’s faces tell us that their strong love and perseverance triumphed in the end and we are just so happy for them! Read more about their story below as told by Dan.

"The original date was July 31, 2020, but on July 30 at 9PM, I had to decide not to push through with it because Anton got a fever the day before. It was a difficult decision, thinking that everything was already set, but a fever can’t be taken lightly nowadays. After a doctor saw him, we were advised to isolate him and have him get tested." Dan, Bride

Photo by groom’s family


"A swab and dengue test were scheduled a few days later, and we found out that he was negative for Covid, but positive for dengue. We wanted to do the wedding a week after, but MECQ was reinstated. We had to wait a few more weeks, and once GCQ was announced, we planned the wedding one week after, with the same set of suppliers." Dan, Bride

Photo by groom’s family

"We were so limited with the head count in the church and the venue so we tried to get as little suppliers as possible. Usually photo would reco having two people, but since we had to make sure we don't go over, we could only get one shooter. I decided to hold back on the coordinator as well due to the head count. Now, when I look back, I really wish I got the coordinator on board for this, even if it's just to coordinate things before the wedding. It's so hard to work and plan especially during a pandemic, where rules change so often, guests are atras abante, and venues need to consider a lot of things." Dan, Bride

Photo by groom’s family
Photo by groom’s family
Photo by groom’s family

"Without a coordinator, my sisters were my lifesavers. It helped that I had them to count on to contact guests and suppliers and help me with preps. I had them there, too, during times I broke down or got frustrated. I think now more than ever, the help of your MOH and/or entourage is so important. We had a list of People of Honor (sort of like our entourage), and they also really found ways to make the days leading up to the wedding still extra special for us." Dan, Bride

"When I was walking down the aisle, I felt so relieved! Since we had some obstacles to deal with leading up to the wedding, I kept waiting for something to happen. When I was finally walking down, I thought, I guess this is really it! I felt so much lighter after the wedding." Dan, Bride

"We had no giveaways. We just made sure that each table had a bottle of hand sanitizer, and each guest got a zip lock with a fresh mask and a shot glass necklace (made by my sisters and mom) so that no one shared shot glasses by accident." Dan, Bride

"We had no program during the reception. We wanted everyone to just have good food, drinks and conversations. With almost everyone not being able to see people in months, everything flowed naturally and we didn't have to try to entertain them. Just being surrounded by real people and not seeing them through Zoom was something that felt so refreshing and it made them happy." Dan, Bride

"Now that we're married, I love the experience of learning to live with Anton and seeing sides of him that I wouldn’t usually see before, establishing different routines together, and talking about adulting stuff. It feels like you’re playing house but your decisions actually have real life implications and require real work. I also love the freedom!" Dan, Bride

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Photographer: Pearl Studio / Other: Ian Celis / Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish / Reception Venue: Cafe Voi La Tagaytay / Bride’s Dress: Mich Araullo / Makeup Artist: Iya Gueco / Hairstylist: Renz Lusterio / Bride’s Jewelry: By Janna / Bride’s Jewelry: Fina / Cake Baker: Hani Bee Cakes / Ceremony Musicians: First Voice Music Ministry
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