5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Hiring Your Dream Team of Suppliers

You’re engaged! Now, the next stage is to craft the wedding of your dreams. While you have the perfect theme in mind and your mood board ready, planning your big day can get a bit stressful. That is why, you need to hire the right people to put together the bits and pieces of your […]

Here’s Your First Look at Vern Enciso and Ben Lim’s Dreamy Wedding in Cebu!

Thanks to the power of technology and signature content creation, Fashion and Lifestyle Vlogger Vern Enciso and Ben Lim have been able to share their relationship milestones with a wide audience. Fom their stunning adventures around the globe to how they carefully built and made #Airbnv into a home, it is now time for the […]

The Look



This Couple Combined Boho and Rustic Details You’ll Want in Your Wedding Mood Board

You’ll know that a wedding is put-together when you look at the details. Just from the first look of Ejay and Juliet’s wedding set, we can tell that they chose every element carefully and intentionally. Picking rustic elements like the foliage entourage bouquets, the minimalist naked cake, the brown overalls worn by the groomsmen, and […]

The Look


These 10 Celebrity Couples Rocked an Intimate Wedding Set-Up!

Celebrity weddings have come to mean unending guest lists, grand productions for the reception, and an immense amount of media coverage, but just like so many other things, the past year has changed our outlook and our expectations. Whether newly engaged or waiting for the long-run, couples have realized what is essential and adjusted their […]

Get Inspired with These 10 Colorful Wedding Ideas That Will Surely Wow Your Guests

Did you want to make your intimate wedding stand out? Well, one option you can go for is to splash your wedding with bright colors! While the soft, light-colored tones are the classic choice for style, vibrant colors can give a unique character and lively ambiance on your special day. Mixing and matching two luminous […]