These 10 Celebrity Couples Rocked an Intimate Wedding Set-Up!

Celebrity weddings have come to mean unending guest lists, grand productions for the reception, and an immense amount of media coverage, but just like so many other things, the past year has changed our outlook and our expectations. Whether newly engaged or waiting for the long-run, couples have realized what is essential and adjusted their plans accordingly. Celebrities have also followed suit, choosing to be wed sooner and in sometimes simpler ceremonies. While some couples are still hoping for the chance to celebrate bigger the second time around, you can’t deny that their first celebrations still managed to look so special and dreamy. Check out these 10 couples and they made intimate weddings the new #WeddingGoals!

These Celebrity Couples Rocked an Intimate Wedding Set-Up!

1. Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada

After almost a year-long engagement, Alex and Mikee tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at home. They exchanged personal and heartwarming vows, with Alex sharing her gratitude for Mikee and how he “made the little girl’s dream come true.”

Photo from @cathygonzaga


2. Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez

Despite the uncertainty and tedious change in plans, Sarah and Richard proved that love is definitely stronger than the pandemic. They pushed through with their civil ceremony with close family, showing everyone that as long as they have each other, it is more than enough.

Photographer: Pat Dy | Real Wedding: Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez Pushed Through with An Intimate Civil Wedding with Close Family


3. Ava Daza and Luch Zanirato

Ava and Luch planned a simple civil ceremony followed by an intimate reception with closest family and friends. They stayed side-by-side while getting ready for the ceremony and stayed together until they were finally husband and wife.

Photgrapher: Mayad Studios | Real Wedding: Ava Daza and Luch Zanirato Had a Simple and Fuss-Free Civil Wedding!


4. Megan Young and Mikael Daez

Megan and Mikael are testament to planning the wedding you want and the wedding people have come to expect. The couple opted for no bridesmaids or groomsmen, hosted their own reception program, and even served coffee for their toast. It is your day after all, so take a page from their book and don’t be afraid to make it your own.

Photographer: Metrophoto | Real Wedding: Megan Young and Mikael Daez Broke the Wedding “Rules”. Here’s How They Did It!


5. Stephanie Dods and KC Montero 

Stephanie and KC were wed in a courthouse with a few guests in attendance. Donning his and hers stylish suits, the couple walked the streets hand in hand, beaming undeniable joy knowing that they have married their best friend.

Photo from @stephaniedods


6. Melissa Gohing and Rocco Nacino

Set against calm blue waters and overflowing with lush, white blooms, Melissa and Rocco’s wedding set-up was so subtle and serene. There’s a reason why traditional whites and fresh greenery will always be a classic!

Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Real Wedding: Actor Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing Got Married on Board a Ship!


7. Bea Fabregas and Nikko Ramos

Bea and Nikko made sure that their big day would be packed with personality. Staying to true to their style, they changed into their favorite pairs of Nikes and even had a bridal entourage dressed in oversized suits!

Photographer: Pat Dy | Real Wedding: Bea Fabregas’ Bride Tribe Looked So Fierce and Stylish in Suits!


8. KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde

KZ and TJ’s intimate wedding reception in The Farm at San Benito truly set the standard for micro-weddings with maximum impact! From KZ’s avant-garde outfits to the reception’s warm canopy of lights, this intimate wedding is full of details to add to your wedding Pinterest boards.

Photographer: Mayad Studios | Real Wedding: TJ Monterde and KZ Tandingan Chose to Celebrate under a Canopy of Lights!


9. Camille Co and Joni Koro (Civil Wedding)

Prior to their breathtaking wedding in Siena, Italy, Camille and Joni actually had a civil wedding with only three witnesses! Despite the short guest list, the chic couple still dressed to the nines and radiated pure bliss on their special day.

Photo from @itscamilleco


10. Bianca Guidotti and Greggy Santos

Since home is where the heart is, can you imagine a more perfect venue to promise to give your whole heart to your partner forever? Bianca and Greggy planned a civil ceremony at home, making sure to include their many pups in the celebration and their extended loved ones and fans through a livestream.

Photographer: Nice Print Photo | Real Wedding: Bianca Guidotti and Greggy Santos Tied the Knot in an Intimate Civil Wedding at Home


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