Here’s a Shortlist of Suppliers You Can Book for Your Wedding Day!

Planning a wedding is indeed a team effort. Before you can have a winning wedding experience, you have to choose your team members very wisely. In terms of wedding planning, your team members are your wedding suppliers. They should have the same vision as you and they should understand your taste so you can collaborate effectively towards your wedding goal. Today, we’re sharing with you a shortlist of suppliers from our directory with the hopes of helping you out in finding the perfect supplier match!

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Here's a Shortlist of Suppliers You Can Book for Your Wedding Day!

Hiring the right photography team to document your wedding day is essential if you want to preserve your wedding moments in photos. Depending on the look and feel that you want to capture, there’s a photography team that will match your wedding aesthetic. Do you want it light and fresh or moody and cinematic? Go through the sample works of these photographers to help you decide.

Benjie Tiongco Photography

Foreveryday Photography

Kat Javier Photography

Orange Studios

Ram Marcelo

Visuals by Alaz


There are moments that are better reminisced through a video clip. The sudden laughter or a tear flowing down the cheek can only be captured through a moving lens. Same consideration in hiring a photographer, hire a videography team that can recreate and elevate your wedding experience. Through their creativity, you’ll get to replay the best day of your life whenever you want!

Hello & Co Cinema

Studio King

Theia Films


Food and venue are two of the major suppliers that will have a big impact on your wedding day. Your guests may forget the other details of your special day, but they’ll never forget the food that they ate and the experience that they had in going to and from your wedding. Here are a few suggestions under this category.

The Alpha Suites

Wolfgang’s Streakhouse Catering


Glam up on your wedding day and highlight your best features. You’re about to start a new journey and for sure you’ll want to look your best, right? Here are two makeup suppliers you can entrust your wedding look to.

Ellen Drilon Makeup

Uncover Bride


Skip the stress of planning your wedding by hiring an wedding coordinator. They are experts in the industry so they know how to make things easier for you. Don’t lose your focus and live in the moment! Coordinators are gifts from heaven to make your wedding day smooth and stress-free.

Chalebrations Events Planning and Management

Events by Tam Ramos


Set the right wedding tone and theme starting from your invitations. This is the first sneak peek your guests will have to your wedding day so give them something to be excited about!

Invitations by Ten


You know the feeling like something’s missing from your outfit? You feel bare and incomplete? Maybe you’re missing a piece of accessory or jewelry! Complete your look with some of the pieces from these jewelry suppliers.

Brilyo Jewelry

Princess Laura Jewelry

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