This Couple Had to Move Their Supposed Boracay Wedding to Tagaytay and It Still Looked Classy!

The wedding of Ramon and Christine was originally set to take place along the beautiful shores of Boracay. But, due to the imposed closing and rehabilitation of the island last year, the event was forced to be moved to Tagaytay. Just imagine having to move your whole wedding on such short notice! Numerous adjustments had […]

This Couple’s Engagement Shoot Looks Like It Came Straight Out of A Comic Book!

A big imagination was the key to this fun and unique engagement shoot! Ken and Rachel wanted to show off their personalities in a creative way so they decided to shoot in a white studio and illustrate their themes and backgrounds in post-production. It took Ken three weeks to finish all the illustrations but this […]

The Look




Quiz: What Should Your Wedding Theme Be?

Planning a wedding is very exciting because there are so many ideas, color schemes, and themes you can choose from! But sometimes, the wide range of choices can leave you a little bit overwhelmed. So, we designed this fun quiz to help you find out which wedding theme is right for you based on your […]