How to Avoid Stressful Situations During Your Wedding Day

Everything is set. Your groom looks dashing while waiting patiently for your car to pull over in front of the ceremony venue.

He waits for five minutes.
Then 15.
Then 30 minutes pass.

He starts to panic and wonders to himself, “what is taking her so long?”


Where on earth is my bride?! 5 Stressful Wedding Scenarios and How to Avoid Them From Happening by Royal Carriages

Here are some of the possible reasons and scenarios that can make you late on your own wedding day and how you can actually avoid them from happening!


Stressful Scenario #1: Your bridal car breaks down

You borrow your Tito’s vintage car because it matches your wedding theme. Half way to your ceremony venue, the car starts to rapidly move back and forth, as if falling into a coughing fit. Your hired driver tries to control it but ends up panicking because he’s not familiar with handling and fixing vintage cars. Next thing you know, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere in your beautiful wedding gown.

Stress-Free Solution: You book a well-maintained vintage car from Royal Carriages. Since they are experts in handling and driving such cars, you don’t have to worry about a thing. And if ever the car breaks down, which is unlikely, a back up wedding car will be sent your way immediately, bringing you safely and in style just in time for your memorable walk down the aisle.

1931 Ford Model A
1931 Ford Model A


Stressful Scenario #2: You get stuck in terrible traffic

Your preparation venue and ceremony venue is 30 minutes away from each other so you decide to take your time and leave exactly 30 minutes before your call time. When your wedding car, which you borrowed from your aunt, turned to the main road, you are greeted by horrendous traffic! If only your driver knew a better route or did a road check for you, your groom would not be waiting for so long!

Stress-Free Solution: The professional chauffeur who will drive the wedding car you booked from Royal Carriages advises you to leave earlier because of the road block en route. Because he is well-trained and knowledgable of the roads, you are spared of any worries when it comes to getting to your wedding ceremony on time. You can expect a smooth and comfortable ride in a beautiful vintage car on your most special day!

1961 Jaguar Mark II


Stressful Scenario #3: Your bridal entourage has no transportation

With all the things you’re preoccupied with, you forgot to arrange transportation for your entourage. It so happened that your ceremony venue is impossible to reach via public transportation so there’s no choice but to use your bridal car. You end up waiting for the car to get back to you, making you late for your own wedding day.

Stress-Free Solution: Book a separate van for your entourage the same day you book your wedding car from Royal Carriages. This will tick off one task from your list so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Royal Carriages has a sister company, National Car PH, which supplies van transportation to companies and private clients. Inquire about their service so they can help you arrange your entourage transportation, too.

1961 Jaguar Mark II
1950 Mercedes Benz 170D (Interior)


Stressful Scenario #4: You forget to assign a driver

You’re ready to leave for your ceremony venue when you suddenly remembered that you forgot to assign a driver for your own wedding car! It so happened that the vintage car that you borrowed is a manual drive and no one from your relatives left in the hotel know how to drive it. You end up stressing yourself out about your oversight which puts you in a bad mood, plus the fact that you’re late for your “I do’s”, which puts your groom in a bad mood, too!

Stress-Free Solution: You hire a professional wedding car supplier which automatically includes a well-trained chauffeur for a day. You step inside the luxurious vintage car you booked and it puts you in a great mood. You arrive on time and in style in your ceremony venue, ready to marry the man of your dreams!


Stressful Scenario #5: No cash was prepared for toll or gas

Everything is going smoothly until you reached the toll booth. Since you just borrowed the car from your sister, it slipped your mind to bring cash for payment. You scramble inside the car to look for cash or loose change but end up not finding any. Instead of preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for your wedding walk, you end up worrying how to pay for the toll fees!

Stress-Free Solution: Book a car from Royal Carriages early on in your wedding planning so you can tick off one important supplier from your list. And since you reserved a car package, there’s nothing left to worry about when it comes to your wedding day transportation. Everything will be taken cared of from toll payments to car flowers! Inquire about the package they offer for a worry-free wedding day!

1968 Mercedes Benz 280 SE
1998 Mercedes Benz CLK320 Cabriolet
1998 Mercedes Benz CLK320 Cabriolet (Interior)

We know that it’s so easy to borrow a wedding car from a relative or a friend but if you’re going for assurance, security, and luxury, hiring a professional bridal car service should be on top of your list. Your wedding day is a very special day, so leave your bridal car worries to the professionals by booking as early as you can. Royal Carriages will surely treat you like royalty!


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