This Couple’s Engagement Shoot Looks Like It Came Straight Out of A Comic Book!

A big imagination was the key to this fun and unique engagement shoot! Ken and Rachel wanted to show off their personalities in a creative way so they decided to shoot in a white studio and illustrate their themes and backgrounds in post-production. It took Ken three weeks to finish all the illustrations but this hard work was so worth it! The result? Standout layouts that looked like they were ripped right out of a comic book! Thanks to Team Benitez Photo for sharing this fun set with us! Scroll down to see how everything turned out and read about what it was like shooting this type of set. Will you consider this for your own engagement shoot?

This Couple's Engagement Shoot Looks Like It Came Straight Out of A Comic Book!

As a photographer, what was it like shooting a set like this?
“Surprisingly, it was one of our easiest shoots ever! It only took us one hour for the whole shoot. We had pre-production meetings before the actual shoot, so we prepared a list of shots for each concept. So, on the shooting day everything was smooth. I think the most challenging part was the illustrations. Ken Benitez (groom-to-be and cofounder of Team Benitez) did all the drawings. It took him almost three weeks to finish everything.”

How did the couple come up with the concept? What’s the story behind each graphic?
“Actually, their original prenup plan was the usual–outdoors, beach, gowns and sunsets–but that’s not them. I wanted honest photos for their prenup, showcasing who they are as individuals and as a couple. So, a white studio background and illustrations were our best choices to exhibit everything. Basically, all the graphics are of who Ken and Rachel are, from their jobs as teacher and graphic artist, to their favorite hobbies like singing, baking, and playing games. And of course the things they love to do together–number one is eating (pretty obvious on the sets haha) and travelling.”

What should couples remember if they want to do a similar shoot?
“They should have a wide scale of imagination. Because during the shoot, we really had to visualize that everything was there, even though the setup was bare. From imagining an ice cold milk tea being poured on to you to being squeezed by large fries.”

Photographer: Team Benitez Photo / Artwork: Ken Benitez Graphics / Makeup Artist: Cheneleng Pili / Hairstylist: Rowena Flores Sonido

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