We Shared Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Fun, Classy, and Relaxed This Month!

How is it already the last day of July? It felt like just yesterday when this month started, and now it’s ending!? If you’ve been busy and feel as if you’ve missed out on some wedding tips and inspiration shared this month, you should go and read on to catch up on everything!

1. Lovely Wedding Colors

Do you agree that colors can make or break the look of your wedding? If you’re a believer of that and if you’re into the classy neutral wedding palette, then you’re going to want to check these weddings out. If you’re going for a specific theme like rustic, you’ll want to see these rustic wedding color schemes too. Choose your wedding colors wisely, brides-to-be!


2. Millenial Age Weddings

Aaah, the millennial age, with social media at its all-time high. When it comes to your wedding, of course you’re going to want it to look absolutely “Instagram-worthy”, right? If yes, then go ahead and check out these ten tips on how to have an Instagram worthy reception table. Oh, and you’re surely not going to want to miss out on these modern yet timelessly elegant invitations from real weddings!


3. A Whole Lot of Fun at the Reception

I think one of your worst nightmares on your wedding day would be for your guests to be feeling bored and unentertained. Don’t worry, we feel you, so we rounded up these exciting games that you can play at your reception to get the party mood going. The venue also plays a big role in keeping your guests excited–good thing this beautiful city hotel has got a bunch of exciting things lined up for you, like read: being able to have a garden wedding in the city! One last thing, the fun shouldn’t stop when the reception ends because remember, you’ve still got a lot of wedding gifts to open! Now if you’re the guest and you’re wondering what’s a gift every couple will love to receive, why not read about these unconventional wedding gifts?


4. Planning Your Wedding the Smart and Stress-Free Way

Don’t let the wedding planning stress get to you by practicing these effective wedding planning habits for couples. Sometimes it’s not just you and your partner planning the wedding though; when parents and in-laws start getting themselves overly involved in the planning process, read about some reasons as to why they do what they do. Oh, and you also shouldn’t stress yourself out too much on the alcohol costs too–here are some smart ways to cut alcohol costs down!


5. Classy is the Name of the Game

Timeless and elegant weddings are the best! What better way to do that by wearing a beautifully elegant wedding dress and choosing a classy yet relaxing hotel to celebrate your big day? You’ll want to check out this renowned designer’s beautiful bridal collection for this year 2018. And you’re definitely not going to want to miss reading about this upscale yet homey five-star hotel in the South too!


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