10 Important Questions to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are almost like real life fairy godmothers. They’re the ones who hold our hands from the very start up until the finish line. We know there must be a million questions buzzing through your mind, so we asked wedding planners Amanda Tirol, Joed See, Anne Jacinto-Marcelino, and Voltaire Zalamea to help give you brides-to-be some firsthand advice on what to ask your wedding planner. Check out what they had to say!


1. Can you give us an idea of what the wedding planning timeline will be like?

Whether you’re planning on getting a wedding planner to help you from the moment you get engaged, or just on the day itself, knowing what should be happening at certain times (e.g. six months in, or six hours before the ceremony) is important so that everyone is kept on track. It’s crucial that all of you will be on the same page moving forward with your wedding planning.


2. What is included in your package and what isn’t?

This might seem like a very basic question, but it’s also one of the most important ones. Knowing the coverages and inclusions of your wedding planner’s packages will help manage your expectations of what the wedding planner can do for you.


3. How did your other planned weddings go? Have you planned or coordinated any other weddings at our chosen venue?

This is another important question to ask, because it can help you gauge whether your planner has had experience with the venue (including the best spots, possible suppliers in the area, and other tips). Don’t be afraid to ask for a full-on storytelling of how their previous weddings went. Of course, you would want to know the play-by-play of how your wedding might go, so listening and hearing about their previous successful ones might be a huge help.


4. How is your pricing set? 

You wouldn’t want to be surprised with additional costs as you go along. Be clear about pricing earlier on so you can properly work around your budget. It’s good to have a breakdown of what you’re paying for and how much they cost so you can make sure you’re making the best financial decision for your wedding!


5. How do we communicate with you?

Ask them how they preferred to be contacted: through text messages, e-mails or phone calls. You need to set realistic expectations from the very beginning on how much you will stay in contact and their availability. They might be in the middle of planning other weddings as well so it’s better to know the scope of their work as well!


6. Do you have contacts or suppliers you can refer me to? 

Wedding planners deal with all kinds of wedding suppliers–it’s part of their job! They know the ins and outs, who to get, who not to get, and they might even get some great deals too! Perhaps they have suppliers that they’ve worked with closely in previous weddings. This is important because it makes working and dealing with suppliers easier!


7. How will you help in adjusting to my budget? 

It goes without saying that you wouldn’t want to keep spending as you go! It would be absolutely helpful to have a wedding planner that will do everything in their power to make sure you stay within budget and make the necessary adjustments.


8. How many times are we going to meet face-to-face?

Some brides might want to know how hands-on their wedding planner is. To some, it really makes a difference meeting in person and talking about the wedding planning details face-to-face.


9. How many people from your team will be there on my wedding day?

Knowing the team dynamics of the people helping in planning your wedding is very important. Aside from including them in the headcount, you want to know the scope of their work and who is in charge of what. It’ll also lend you some peace of mind knowing that all the important areas are manned by experienced staff.


10. What are your contingency plans? 

This is an essential question to ask your wedding planner, especially if you’re planning on having an outdoor or destination wedding. This will help you plan out your alternative venue and plans, just in case. Even for indoor weddings, there might be unexpected emergency situations that you have to be prepared for!


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