How to Set Up a Wedding Budget

Budgeting is really crucial when you’re planning your wedding, especially if you want to achieve a certain look. Whether you’re going for an intimate or grand celebration, there’s no doubt that you still have to save up and determine which aspects of your wedding you want to splurge or save on. While there’s no hard and fast rule regarding the breakdown of your finances, we do have some tips to help you decide on it!


While this might be a touchy subject for some, knowing who pays will definitely help out in terms of splitting the cost and setting your expectations. You may opt to include both sets of parents in this conversation because in some weddings, they can either pay for everything or split the cost with the couple. If it’s just you and your partner, try your best to set a limit so you can cap off your expenses. Don’t forget to keep your limit in mind–this is important as it’s easy to get carried away!

Having priorities can also help. While visualizing your wedding, it’s good to settle which areas you deem important. It may be the food, the styling, or your gown–but no matter what it is, you have to be firm that you’ll splurge for that only. That way, you can easily spin your budget for the more negotiable parts of your wedding. Rule of thumb: manage your expectations because you might not be able to have it all! Bonus Tip: Ask your fiancé what he wants–he’s getting married too, after all!

It’s a really good idea to prepare a chart containing your ideal budget breakdown. You can input the actual amount you spent for the wedding beside it, so you can always anticipate the total of your expenses. You’ll also be happy to see the areas where you can afford to spend more or cut back. It takes a great deal of awareness, folks!

Having hidden costs in your wedding is quite common, and it’s something not a lot know about, hence the term hidden. While discussing with your suppliers, know what you’re getting yourself into at all times. May it be for your venue, hair and make-up, gowns, decor, etc., don’t be afraid to be direct and ask if something is included in the fee you have discussed.

It’s necessary to have a back-up fund where you can pull money from, just in case there are any surprises or uncontrollable factors you couldn’t have thought of. This is unique to every couple planning their wedding, and the goal is to not touch the fund unless absolutely necessary. Remember: this is not part of your budget! Don’t be confident that this fund can cover for a really lavish part of your wedding that was previously undiscussed.


So, that’s it guys–our tips for setting up your wedding budget. And this is just the beginning, the road to your wedding has only just begun. But don’t worry, we’re here for you and cheering you on! Good luck!

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