6 Effective Ways to Deal with Your Monthly Period on Your Wedding Day

First thing to do is don’t panic! Ladies, we know that you’ve planned every detail of your wedding down to a tee, but there will always be something that will be out of your control, like your monthly cycle, for example. If you do find yourself in this inconvenient situation, we’re here to tell you that everything will be okay! Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

6 Effective Ways to Deal with Your Monthly Period on Your Wedding Day


1. Plan Ahead

Once you get engaged and start talking about wedding dates, remember to have your monthly cycle in mind. If you have a regular one, try using a period tracker app to know when to expect it. Knowing the specific or even a range of dates will help you prepare better in case it lands on your big day. You can even go further by adjusting your wedding date if possible! Of course, if you’re planning your wedding way in advance, expect that your monthly cycle may change and it might not be on the exact dates you had in mind.


2. See What Works Best for You

If you foresee your period happening on your big day, use the remaining months you have to test out products that work best for you. Pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period panties–there are a lot of options out there. You can even get creative and try layering different pads on top of each other for extra protection, you get the picture! Figure out what product or way works best for you, and use it on your wedding.


3. Prepare Your “Survival Kit”

Put everything you need in one pouch or bag so you don’t panic if you need to suddenly change your pad or tampon. Make sure that you also prepare a pack of wipes, a small towel, a roll of tissue, and extra pads just in case you have a heavy flow. Include your pain reliever meds in your kit, too. If you’re afraid of stains, research the easiest ways to remove them, and put everything you need in your survival kit. This is the time to over pack and over prepare. You won’t regret it.


4. Assign A Bathroom Partner

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This idea may seem awkward, but it will help you keep your gorgeous wedding gown spotless and clean every time you visit the comfort room. Especially if you’re wearing a big ball gown or a dress with a long train, you’ll need someone to manage your dress while you manage your monthly visitor. If you need help with your meds or washing or covering up a stain, your partner in crime will also be of immense help. Choose someone who is close to you, your Maid of Honor for example, so you can charge this awkward experience to a level up in friendship!


5. Manage All the Symptoms

Do you usually get irritable when you get your period? Or do you deal with bloating, dysmenorrhoea, or extreme headaches? If you’re expecting any of these to happen, do everything you can to prevent them. Take your period medications at the start of your wedding prep, drink lots of water to improve your blood circulation, stay in cool areas to minimize chances of bad headaches, think happy thoughts! Remember, you’re getting married. No unwanted visitor can ruin that, right?


6. Take Your Time

You will find yourself being pulled from one place to another during your wedding day. One moment you’ll be posing with your entourage, the next you’ll be cutting the cake and drinking champagne with your arms interlocked with your future husband. It will be a busy day but more importantly, it will be your big day. If the pace is too fast for you, let your coordinator know. Take your time to savor every moment and follow the pace your body allows you to experience and take in everything. It’ll take so much of your energy to move around but hey, you’ll sure have the time of your life!


Yes, your period can be stressful, especially on the biggest day of your life, but don’t forget to focus on the more important things. Your closest friends will be all made up on your big day. Your family will fly from different parts of the world to see you walk down the aisle. Your colleagues will take time off from work to be with you. And your husband will cry happy tears when he first sets his eyes on you! What a dream come true! So what are we worrying about again?


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