6 Countdown Tips to Guide the SuperBride on Her Wedding Planning

Deciding on the venue, having your gown made, fixing the guest list… So you’re kinda lost and finding yourself surrounded by the pile of work you still need to fix for your wedding. Yes, darling, we know how overwhelming it can be! You’ve heard this time and again, but it pays for you to be reminded that wedding planning, although tedious, doesn’t have to suck the life out of you. (You want to get that bridal glow, too!) We understand that running around and taking care of tons of things can get tiring, so as a treat for you SuperBrides, we have a mini-timeline to guide you during your wedding planning process.


12 months before the wedding: Keep a planner with you. While this may seem like an obvious step, there might be a tendency for you to forget all about your planner in the middle of everything. It’s essential for you to have a place to jot everything down so you can keep track of the things you’ve done. Bonus tip: Don’t just put your to-do lists here, make it a bullet journal where you can write your inspo and thoughts, too!


8 months before the wedding: Start booking your wedding suppliers. You’ve got a lot of places to go and people to talk to—running around meeting with your trusted suppliers, doing food tasting, and bridal gown fittings. Not to mention deciding on a venue! Bonus tip: It would be a good idea to invest in comfy footwear as you go about this. You’d wanna make sure your footwear is as cozy and versatile as can be, right? These FitFlop footwear are a good option!


4 months before the wedding: Time to stop changing your mind! You’ve gotta be firm. It helps if you change your mind a little less frequently, because by this point, a lot of the major parts of the wedding should be set. Don’t get easily swayed by trends or other people’s opinions, and go for something uniquely you–you’ll feel better once you see it on the day and many years after when you look back!


3 months before the wedding: Start your skin care and targeted health regime. Need we remind you about that bridal glow? We don’t want our bride to look haggard, or worse, hangry! Making sure that you have enough sleep and that you’re eating good meals over the course of planning your wedding (Read: Have a good diet plan!) will also boost your mood and help you think more clearly.


1 month before: Check if you have gifts for the entourage. Don’t forget about them! It’s best to have this settled not just a few days before the wedding because at that point you want to be a bit more relaxed. For example, a neat idea would be giving your bridesmaids cute and comfy footwear to wear for the big day—wouldn’t that be so adorable? Take a look at these nice FitFlop sandals—stylish and practical, your bridesmaids will love it!


1-2 weeks before: Relax and breathe. We know, it’s getting really near now! But don’t panic! Lots of brides go into a frenzy a few days before the wedding, but that’s just not going to help. Talk to your planner or make sure to double check everything that has to be in place on the wedding day. And then just sit back, (try to) relax, and trust that you will have the best day of your life in a couple of weeks no matter what happens!

These countdown tips will honestly make a difference in the way you plan your wedding, so give it a shot! Don’t forget to breathe and remember that you’re not in this planning alone–your super supportive groom-to-be, family, and friends are all here to make this wedding the best day of your life! Enjoy planning, SuperBride!

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