A Colorful Seaside Wedding with a Floral Theme

I’m personally in love with all things floral. Whether it’s a bouquet, table decor, or prints on clothes, I just find it really pretty! So imagine how awesome seeing Rey and Judy’s wedding was for me–flowers everywhere! The bridesmaid dresses with floral prints, the bride’s lush bouquet from First of April, and the magical cake […]

The Look



A Burgundy-Themed Wedding in Tagaytay

Whenever I see a bold color like red, maroon, or in this case, burgundy, I’m always excited to see how it looks. It’s not easy to pull off any of these bold colors, and make it look classy and elegant too. So, when I saw Jingo and Lia’s wedding, I couldn’t help but admire how […]

How Can You Tell If You’re in a Good Relationship?

A good and strong relationship is the ultimate foundation for any two people looking to get married. After all, this is the person who you’re going to spend and build the rest of your life with. If you’re looking to see whether or not all arrows point to a yes, then read on to find […]

A City Wedding with a Lavender Color Scheme

Lavender is such a romantic color, don’t you think so? And when it’s incorporated not just in the bridesmaids’ dresses but in the details, then I think it’s even more of a romantic color. Just look at all the lavender in Pat and Cara’s wedding! The beautiful invites, the bouquets, and even the bow ties […]

The Look



Elie Saab’s Spring 2018 Bridal Gowns are the Perfect Inspiration for Blush and Floral Dresses

Are you a fan of floral patterns and embellishments? Then you HAVE to see Elie Saab’s Spring 2018 Bridal Collection! (He probably made these gowns with us in mind… well, in our dreams at least.) I mean, just look at this collection! It’s grand, feminine, and oh-so romantic. (I’m sighing already.) I especially love the floral […]