The Ultimate Grooming Timeline for Your Groom

We talk a lot about brides-to-be and their beauty timeline, but today we’ll be shining a light on grooms and their grooming timeline–a topic that’s not so touched upon. Yes of course, it’s just as important for the future grooms to look handsome on their big day! So grooms-to-be, here’s a little something that might help you look as dashing as ever for your beautiful bride.

A Pre-Wedding Guide to Looking Good for Grooms


The Day You Get Engaged


If you haven’t yet, it’s a must that you start taking care of your skin on a daily basis. Basic skincare for men should include: cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliant, and SPF aka sunblock. Try out different products and brands to see which works best on your skin. Be consistent with your regimen, and you’ll start seeing the results!



Get your discipline and determination on, and build (or tone) those muscles. Amp up your pre-wedding gym routine one month before the wedding day by focusing on higher intensity workouts. Get in shape to look and feel your best on the most special day of your life!


6 Months Before The Wedding


So if you’re interested in trying out a new facial treatment, never ever do it on the week of your wedding. You won’t want to risk any skin reactions or allergies on the big day. Test it out months before. Remember: Reactions on the skin can come out as late as two months after the treatment. So look your most flawless and feel most confident by doing this much sooner than later!


3 Months Before The Wedding

Teeth whitening

Without a doubt, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear on your big day! Flash those pearly whites with confidence by having your teeth whitened at least a month before the wedding. It’s important to remember that besides having all eyes on you, that smile of yours will be forever remembered in photos–so do this not only for your bride and your wedding guests, but for the photos too!


New haircut

If you’re planning on going for a brand new haircut, then do it at least a month before the wedding day so that there’s still time for you to grow your hair back and change the cut if ever the haircut doesn’t work out. But if you’re sticking to your signature haircut, then go ahead and book an appointment a week before your wedding for some trimming. Also, make sure that you’ve already decided on how you’re going to wear your hair on the big day, so that whatever the cut or trim, it’ll 100% fit the wedding day hairstyle you have in mind.


1 Month Before The Big Day

Professional shave and/or facial hair trim

Go treat yourself, your best man, and your groomsmen to a professional shave or facial hair trim session! Make sure the eyebrows are trimmed only, not overly arched. Don’t forget about the ear and nose hair too, guys. And for men with beards, remember to have it groomed as well.


1 Week Before The I Dos

Manicure and pedicure

Next to your face, your hands are probably the next most photographed part of your body. Whether it’s a photo of you and your beautiful bride holding hands or exchanging rings, it’s important to keep your nails looking clean and tidy. And since you’re already at it, might as well include the pedi!



All this pre-wedding grooming and wedding planning may very well have drained you of your energy. So gentlemen, you deserve this. Treat yourself to a spa session. Soothe your senses, calm your nerves (and pre-wedding jitters). Reenergize and rejuvenate–you’ve earned it!


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