Be A Picture-Perfect Bride with the Ultimate Wedding Beauty Timeline

Everyone wants to look amazing on their big day! You’ll want to look nice for all your friends and family, plus the cameras too, right? So how can you be picture ready? What are the secrets to looking picture-perfect? Well, actually, there’s no one way to get it right, and it will really depend on you. (Because as long as you feel great and happy, then that’s what matters!) But if you’re looking for something concrete, we have some suggestions for you. (And not only that, we’ve broken down when you need to do them too!) Hang in there ladies, because as with anything wedding related, there’s a lot of stuff involved. Happy beautifying!

The Ultimate Wedding Beauty Timeline


6 to 4 months before

1. Make your fitness plan – Do you plan to lose weight? Maybe gain weight? Or do you want to have lean and toned arms for your strapless gown? If you’ve got any of these goals on your list, then start crafting a fitness plan as early as now. That includes everything from exercise, diet, and vitamins!

  • ₱₱: You can opt to enroll in a gym, or fitness classes, or even get a trainer.
  • ₱: There are so many avenues to exercise on your own! Try YouTube videos (like ours!) or even daily walking!

2. Start taking your skin seriously (if you haven’t already) – This is one of the most important aspects of the beauty timeline. So if you’re getting by with a minimal skincare routine, now’s the time to really start paying attention to your skin (especially your face).

  • ₱₱: You can go to a dermatologist for a checkup to see what you can do and use for your face.
  • ₱: If you don’t have the time, we recommend being aware of what works on your skin, as well as creating your own skin regimen.

3. Schedule a consultation and trial for both your hair and makeup – If you’re planning on coloring your hair a certain color, trying a new bob, or doing something radical with your hair, it’s always best to do so waaay in advance. (That way, you leave time for your hair to grow back if anything happens.)

  • ₱₱: Most people tend to go with professionals for their hair and makeup, and it’s certainly a wise decision if you don’t know how to do it yourself, or don’t want the hassle of prepping on your big day.
  • ₱: Trying to save? There are a lot of YouTube tutorials for both hair and makeup! If you need help getting started, you can check out this simple video for hair and makeup.

4. Start your laser hair removal sessions – A lot of unwanted hair? If you’re looking at laser hair removal, then now is the best time to start. If laser isn’t your thing, and you’re more of a wax or au naturel kinda girl, that’s okay too!


3 to 1 month before

1. Decide and book your hairstylist and makeup artist (if you’re getting one) – By now, you should have already gone through a consultation and a trial. Which one looked the best? Who was the easiest to get along with? Whom were you most satisfied with? Consider these when you book your stylists.

2. Start your teeth whitening regimen – On the happiest day of your life, of course you’re going to be all smiles! If you want to be sure to have the prettiest smile, you can consider teeth whitening.

  • ₱₱: Go to your dentist and ask about teeth whitening procedures. These procedures can take time, so do it at least three to one month before your big day.
  • ₱: If teeth whitening procedures sound too daunting, you can just opt for whitening toothpaste too!

3. Get all the beauty accessories you’ll need – If you have a specific hair or makeup product you’ll need on your big day, it’s best to start collecting everything you need now, so you don’t scramble for them later on.


2 weeks before

1. Get your final haircut or touch up your hair color  – The big day is nearing, and if you need to touch up your hair color or do any other hair-related activity, now’s a good time to do so.

2. Intensify your skin regimen – Exfoliate, moisturize, and the occasional facial should most definitely be on your list of do’s.

  • ₱₱: If you’ve got the time and money, getting a professional facial is definitely a plus! (Pampering you definitely deserve!)
  • ₱: If not, there are lots of really good face masks you buy in department and beauty stores.

3. Get your brows done – Yup, two weeks before your big day is the ideal time to tame those bushes. So if anything goes wrong, they’ll still have time to grow back.

  • ₱₱: If you’re planning on getting your brows done by a professional, we suggest going to someone you’ve gone to before (best not to take any chances). Or if it’s your first time, ask around for recommendations.
  • ₱: If you have the patience (and steady hands) to tame your brows yourself, then we applaud you! You might want to check this out too!


1 week before

1. Wax – Whatever needs to be waxed–underarms, brows, legs, bikini area, upper lip–it’s your call.

  • ₱₱: We’re sure you can find a waxing salon somewhere near you that can cater to your specific needs. And some offer their services at reasonable rates too!
  • ₱: Nothing wrong with buying a home wax kit and doing it yourself!

2. Get your nails done – Yup, time for a manicure and pedicure!

  • ₱₱: There are many salons in the metro that offer good manicures and pedicures at reasonable prices!
  • ₱: You can also opt to D.I.Y. your nails too!

3. Condition your hair – Need we say anything else?

4. Get a massage – You’ve only got one week left before your wedding, and if you’re nervous and stressed, then a massage is an awesome and calming solution.

  • ₱₱: You can hit the spa with your bridal party and make it a date!
  • ₱: Or you can ask your MOH to massage you, right? Isn’t that part of her job description too?

5. Pack a beauty kit – This kit will be your savior on your wedding day, trust us. Everything from tissue and makeup remover, to bobby pins and cotton buds–you never know when you’ll need them! Check out this video for more info!


1 day before

1. Hydrate – As simple as this seems, it’s actually very important. It keeps your skin clear, and flushes away the toxins in your body too.

2. Get your beauty sleep – Another very important thing to do. You don’t want dark circles under your eyes. Plus, you need all the energy you can get!


The Big Day

1. Eat a healthy breakfast – You don’t know if you’ll be eating during your reception, so it’s best to get a good start to your day with a healthy and hearty breakfast.

2. Smile – Seriously, it’s your big day. You should be happy!

3. Totally rock it! – Even if you didn’t follow everything in this timeline to a T, know that you are beautiful on the inside, and your very soon-to-be hubby knows it. So, go and rock it!


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