These 12 Women Share the Best Thing About their Relationship

Sometimes the best things about a relationship aren’t even things. From compliments to just a simple look, our hearts are captured and our minds, captivated. See what these ladies had to say about the best thing in their relationship!

Women Share the Best Thing About Their Relationship


1. “When he compliments me, even when I don’t have my makeup on, and saying ‘I love you’ any time, without any reason.” – Mariz


2. “The security of knowing that a person is always there–when I want to share my thoughts, frustrations, or even just a random anecdote. Or whenever I just want to hang out with someone, I can always depend on him.” – Marella

3. “When he hugs me tight on a rainy day.” – Lea


4. “Knowing that at the end of the day there is always someone willing to hear your stories when you need to rant, or join you in your silence when you’re just not feeling it.” – Cath

5. “Communication, trust and patience. And it’ll only last as long as we constantly choose to love each other without reservation.” – Pam


6. “When he stares at me and all of a sudden, he’ll wink.” – Jamie

7. “Honesty, openness, security, and comfort.” – KM


8. “When we fight, and he proves to me that he knows who I am, and the things that make me happy. He makes me feel safe.” – Micol

9. “We can be just as happy and excited as we were when we first got together–or even more. If we never stop being fun, sweet, and spontaneous, neither will our relationship.” – Ana


10. “Waking up knowing that he is staring at me.” – Joanne

11. “Our stupid banter.” – Tessa


12. “I love that we are comfortable with each other–that he can see all sides of me, even the not so good ones, and still love me for me.” – Tanya

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