Different Hairstyles You Can Try Out for Your Wedding

When you say ‘bridal look’ the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, your gown. But once you’ve got your gown secured, it’s time to think about other things like your makeup and hair. Whether you’ve got long hair, short hair, or are having a rustic, boho, or minimalist wedding, you’re going to […]

Take a Sneak Peek into Camille Co and Joni Koro’s Breathtaking Wedding in Siena, Italy!

Camille Co is one of the Filipino fashion bloggers/vloggers who has been around since the early beginnings of blogging/vlogging. We’ve watched her bloom from the little lady whose passion was to wear cute little ensembles, to a lovely woman ready to walk down the aisle in an elegant white dress. So when we heard Camille […]

The Look



10 Things Grooms Shouldn’t Forget to Do on the Big Day

Let’s face it, with all the excitement (and stress) surrounding your wedding, you’re bound to forget something, right? Whether it’s something as simple as eating breakfast before your preps start, or something important like making sure someone has the rings, we’re here to remind you about all the things you shouldn’t forget to do on […]

Wedding Dresses Inspired by Classic Style Icons

In this day and age of Instagram, hashtags, and the curation of one’s feed, I’ve always wondered what it would be like if classic style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Grace Kelly, and Princess Diana of Wales had their own IGs. What would they post? What would they wear? What would their #OOTDs […]

What Do You Wear to a Wedding? We’re De-coding the Women’s Wedding Dress Code for You!

Have you ever gotten a wedding invitation where the attire said ‘Black tie’ or ‘Semi formal’, and nothing else? There was no exact specification of what you should wear, leaving you to ask your friends or family members what they would be wearing. Sound familiar? Well, today, we’re going to be clearing all this confusion […]