Minimalist with Character: This Bridal Atelier Has Mastered the Art of Subtle Style

Writing about weddings for many years, we’re often asked about wedding dress trends–what’s in, what’s out, and what’s emerging. Of course, we have different answers to these questions depending on the season, but we’ll let you in on a secret. Do you know what never goes out of style? A well-fitting minimalist wedding dress that makes the bride look her best at all angles! Today, we’re lucky to have found an atelier that guarantees just that.

Built on passion and creativity, Aoui Regala Atelier is known for designing subtly styled wedding dresses that are flattering on a bride’s body.

"I feel like [a minimalist dress] is more elegant and classy compared to putting too many details and thick embroideries. I also think it highlights a woman’s beauty more." -Aoui Regala, Designer

“Less is more,” is her creed and a happy bride is her goal. Know more about Aoui Regala’s design aesthetic below.


This Bridal Atelier Has Mastered the Art of Subtle Style

(Layout) Minimalist Redefined
When you hear the word minimalist, you automatically associate it with unembellished dresses that look very similar to each other. Aoui Regala Atelier redefines it by intentionally choosing tasteful elements and creatively laying it out for a clean look. Whether she uses lace-on-lace, pearls, or beads, the final look is always dainty, simple, and nothing over-the-top.

(Pull-quote) “I prefer clean looking gowns regardless of the details. I’m allergic to overpowering thick embroideries and heavy looking details and pieces."- Aoui Regala, Designer


(Layout) No Two Designs are the Same
Every bride has a different wedding story to tell and her wedding dress represents that story. Aoui understands that so she makes sure to inject her bride’s personality no matter how simple the wedding dress design is. What are her go-to details? Floral laces, tulle, silk charmeuse and duchess satin are her usual picks.

(Pull-quote) “I don’t really follow the trends because I create gowns based on my bride’s personality. When I started, minimalist gowns weren’t really super popular. It was all about custom embroidered gowns that look the same.  I took the different route of making modern minimalist gowns and romantic and classic designs."  



(Layout) As Told by Brides
Aoui Regala Atelier was born out of sheer hard work, passion, and support from her loving husband back in 2015. since then, her taste and craftsmanship have spread like wild fire through word of mouth. Here are what some brides are talking about.


“Most well-known designers have a distinct design, a trademark, one way or another you would know that a gown was made by a certain person. Your trademark? Your bride’s smile. The way their eyes shine, the brightness that they exude because they are finally wearing the most beautiful dress in the world. And it’s done by you. No template, just sheer creativity and heart. I hope I get the chance to properly thank you, Aoui.” -Che, Bride


“When I was scouting for designers, she was the only one patient enough to let me see her vision. I showed her 3 different designs and she was the one who influenced me to choose the design I wore on my wedding day. She was so open minded to my requests without compromising class. Aoui is a gifted artist and an amazing person.” -Stacy, Bride


“It was such pure joy to work with her. She knows what I want and what fits my body type straight away. I trusted her vision and never did I ever got disappointed since day 1.” -Jennie, Bride


If you think you finally found your wedding designer match, send a text inquiry to +63 (908) 633-2624 or message through Instagram, Facebook, or through Visit the Aoui Regala Atelier website to see more of her works.

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