20 Details You Can Personalize For Your Wedding

What makes a wedding stand out? With all the weddings that we’ve seen here at B&B, we can tell you that some of the things that make a wedding stand out from all the others are the details. And when we say details, we don’t just mean the decor, the flowers, or the styling. Simple things like […]

Nico and Solenn: 5 Wedding Details That Will Make You Scream #WeddingGoals

So we can’t hide the fact that we are looking forward to Nico and Solenn’s wedding in France! How could you not love this couple?! We’ve gathered five reasons to love their upcoming nuptials even more. 1. Preparation is a family affair. Solenn is super thankful that her parents and sister are heavily involved in […]

12 Pink Weddings That Will Leave You Gushing

It’s no secret that we love all the shades of pink here at Bride and Breakfast… and so do most of the brides we’ve featured! From blush to fuchsia, pink exudes so much romance and tenderness–things we all feel during weddings. So today, allow us to present to you the crème de la crème of […]

20 D.I.Y. Wedding Details You Can Definitely Create

D.I.Y.-ing things have become so much easier thanks to Pinterest. And in the years I’ve been pinning, I have come to identify two kinds of brides in the pinning world. The first one is the pin-it-all-I-wish-I-can-do-it-all-again bride–the one who got married before Pinterest was born. If you’re in this class, we feel you, girl. There’s nothing […]

Delicious Details: Hand-painted Wedding Cakes

I’ve been eating so many sweets lately that I was inspired to write something scrumptiously pretty. One of the more important style elements you can have in your wedding is actually THE wedding cake. One of my favorite cake designers is Maggie Austin. Her work reflects how art can give life to pastry. Hand-painted wedding […]