Let Go of Wedding Planning Stress with These 5 Simple Ways You Can Be a Bridechilla!

What is a Bridechilla exactly? A Bridechilla is someone who understands that wedding planning can get stressful and, at times, exhausting but she is able to keep her bearings and adapt to whatever obstacle she may encounter. She knows what feels right for her special day, but more than the details, she is focused on celebrating love and finally being on the road to forever with her groom.

Let Go of Wedding Planning Stress with These 5 Simple Ways You Can Be a Bridechilla!

While there may be good days and bad days during wedding planning, you can still achieve being a Bridechilla by knowing what you want, collaborating with your suppliers, and keeping faith that your wedding day will be beautiful no matter what! We’ve got some tips to help you on the path to being a Bridechilla right here. Keep reading!

Let Go of “Perfection”
Managing expectations is a mindful practice and this will certainly prevent you from stressing over the tiniest details too much. In reality, not every step of the plan will go smoothly. There might be sudden changes or mishaps, like unpredictable weather,  but it won’t mean your wedding day is ruined. Cast aside ideas of the “perfect day” and don’t be pressured by what you see online. We all have different tastes and aesthetics, so what will really make your wedding beautiful is up to you!


Be Clear with What You Want, but Be Flexible
Be a bride with a vision! Go for a particular theme and motif you really love, and create your mood board. When you have specific ideas about how you want your wedding to look like this will also give your suppliers an easier time planning their service for you. However, you must also be flexible whenever issues arise. Let’s say, the flowers you want are not in season or your top pick photographer or venue is no longer available. Have a list of options prepared and be ready to adapt to a Plan B or C anytime!


Delegate Tasks to Your Bridesmaids

You don’t have to handle every task on your own. If you have a wedding coordinator, you can rely on them when taking on a major chunk of the to-do’s for you, and remember you also have your bridesmaids to count on. You can assign tasks such as RSVPs, securing accommodations, if you’re having an out of town wedding, working on D.I.Y. details like escort cards and place cards, and the like. It will also be a lot of fun when you have your entourage involved in the process!


Assign To-Do's to Your Groom

Don’t forget to assign tasks to your groom! After all, you’re partners in this wedding planning process as well as for the rest of your lives! Let handling the groomsmen, including planning their attire, be his territory while you work on the other items on your wedding planning timeline. Check out our guide for other tasks the groom be in charge of.


Schedule Breaks from Wedding Planning

You also deserve to take breaks from wedding planning to avoid getting exhausted. Schedule dates with your fiancé, go on a spa trip with your girls, or simply chill out and binge your favorite Korean drama. Never feel guilty about taking a breather for your well-being!


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