This Wedding Looks So Elegant With Classic Touches of Blush

When white is your dominant color, it will definitely pair so well with any other hue. One such color that makes a timeless pairing with white is blush! In Paolo and Linsey’s wedding, you’ll notice how touches of blush make the details instantly stand out, particularly, the lovely bridesmaid dresses, and the bride’s bouquet which […]

The Look


Love and Sisterhood: How These Sisters Planned Three Consecutive Weddings in 11 Months!

Sisters are like your built-in-best friends. Even before you meet “The One,” you have your sister as your partner, supporter, expert advice giver, and so much more. Your sister knows your heart and soul, and though you might not agree on every little thing, you will always look out for each other! When it’s finally […]

A Dreamy Morning Wedding with a Classic White, Cream, and Blush and Color Palette

Why wait when happily ever after is already within reach? Ferdie and Isab originally planned to get married later in November this year, but given the new reality of the pandemic, they decided to move up their date much earlier. Aside from trimming down the guest list, they also made changes to their wedding mood […]

A Wedding with Sunny Hues of Orange and Yellow

I hope the pops of orange, yellow, and pink in Louie and Erika’s wedding will give you some cheerful summer vibes today! Check out how these colors made each of the bridesmaids look radiant. I think these pastel shades of orange and yellow complemented their skin tones beautifully. Their dresses somehow remind me of sunflowers, […]

Gray, Green and White: Spot the Industrial Details in this Wedding!

Weddings have a way of transforming ordinary things into beautiful and meaningful details. For their wedding, Niko and Kat took the road less travelled and incorporated industrial elements to make their day truly their own! Just when you think you’ve seen all the grey and white minimalist weddings, check out how they used cement as […]

The Look