Love and Sisterhood: How These Sisters Planned Three Consecutive Weddings in 11 Months!

Sisters are like your built-in-best friends. Even before you meet “The One,” you have your sister as your partner, supporter, expert advice giver, and so much more. Your sister knows your heart and soul, and though you might not agree on every little thing, you will always look out for each other! When it’s finally time for you to walk down the aisle, you’re sure to have your sister right there by your side, making sure everything goes smoothly. This is true for the Agoncillo sisters Isabel, Chiqui, and Mickey. With so much love, support, and incredible organization skills, these sisters were able to pull-off all three of their intimate weddings consecutively in a span of 11 months. We were able to learn more about Isabel, Chiqui, and Mickey’s stories, including their wedding planning experience, and we’re sharing them with you right here. We hope the Agoncillo sisters will inspire you, too!

Love and Sisterhood: How These Sisters Planned Three Consecutive Weddings in 11 Months!

Mico and Isabel Married on June 26, 2020

First of the three sisters to get married was Isabel to her now hubby Mico. Having to change their wedding plans more than once, Mico and Isabel were finally able to have a more laidback and simplified wedding with a colorful Filipiniana twist. Bright hues, modern ternos, beautiful blooms, and a bespoke menu from their favorite restaurant are just some of the elements which made their special day memorable. The best part was getting to spend time with their families and feeling the love from those nearest and dearest to their hearts, even on video call! Isabel and Mico’s wedding was also a family effort. Even without a coordinator, they didn’t need to worry about any mishaps with Chiqui, Mickey, and the rest of their family members helping out. These photos captured by Jaja Samaniego show us how fun and chill Mico and Isabel’s day was.

Our tiny wedding was memorable because the whole day was really just for us and for family. We had so much time and space to breathe and take every moment in.

Ours was a pared-down list of suppliers and a very loose schedule for the day. Chiqui, who was planning her own wedding, helped me book new suppliers as well, and we chose based on who could make it during the ECQ.

Our day was so low-key, with no timelines, no programs. It was just a dressed-up family gathering with great food.


Patxi and Chiqui Married on December 7, 2020

Next to walk down the aisle were Patxi and Chiqui. Since Patxi and Chiqui both work in the agri-food sector, they thought of taking inspiration from Francisco Manuel Blanco’s (a Spanish friar and botanist) classic written work Flora de Filipinas as well as agricultural and organic themes for their wedding aesthetic. Much like Mico and Isabel’s wedding, this couple also had a no-frills event. They held a very relaxed and intimate lunch reception in the comfort of Chiqui’s parents’ home with their immediate families and closest friends, delegated on-the-day coordination to each family member, and of course treated their guests to great food and drinks. Martin San Diego, an independent documentary and editorial photographer, captured every beautiful moment!

Our biggest priority was being able to safely celebrate with at least both our immediate families complete.

While Patxi and I personally coordinated with our suppliers and guests, we made sure to hand over on-the-day coordination to our families to divide and conquer.

With more than half of Patxi’s siblings based abroad, this was truly a miracle and team effort, and we will forever be grateful for our families’ grand gestures of love and support.


Joey and Mickey Married on May 22, 2021

Finally, it was Joey and Mickey’s turn to say I do! They initially planned on getting married in their favorite city, Kyoto, but since they couldn’t have a destination wedding, they brought Japanese-inspired contemporary design and cuisine here instead. Mickey also shared with us that she was nervous about her bridal march, and she was even dreading it for a while. But when their wedding day finally arrived, her walk down the aisle became such a beautiful moment that she would gladly do all over again. Since Mickey was the third of the three to get married, she was also able to gain some helpful tips and advice from Isabel and Chiqui. Check out these photos by Aya Cabauatan and Mico Gonzales to see more of Joey and Mickey’s special day.

Isabel and Chiqui shared their own simplified plans and I cut those lists down pretty ruthlessly until I was left with the few things I knew would make me a happy bride. Among these were the choir, which Isabel gifted to me.

We’ve always done everything better with one another’s support - from schoolwork to play, career decisions to finding our partners for life. Our weddings were no exception!

Our weddings allowed us to take stock of everything good in our lives.

Now we know what you’re thinking! Isn’t it bad luck for family members to get married in the same year? Hindi ba sukob ‘yan? For the Agoncillo sisters, superstitions did not matter. Celebrating love, cherishing relationships, and strengthening bonds between families will always win.

People can believe what they want, but at the end of the day, marriage will always be about family, love and hard work. As a family, we’re happy to grow bigger in love. And we’ve all made the same lifelong commitment to keep working on our relationships, too. In times of good luck or bad, we’ll put the work in.

You can definitely tell that Isabel, Chiqui, and Mickey have such a tight and loving bond with one another as well as with their two younger sisters. They’ve spent most of their lives together, from the day-to-day routines up to the biggest milestones. So, celebrating their weddings and helping one another with the preparations is something they each welcomed with open arms. And beyond wedding planning, they have always turned to each other for the best advice and lessons on love and life.

Isabel and Mickey have taught me the importance of being with someone who both complements and challenges you, and of course, also being that person to your someone.

Isabel and Mico have a way of being emotionally transparent that can sometimes be funny to observe, but has kept them close and honest with one another. Chiqui and Patxi are great at playing off each other’s strengths in all that they do. Both couples are my role models!

The Agoncillo sisters truly do remind us that in celebrating your wedding nothing else matters than the love of family. If you also have amazing sisters in your life, don’t forget to give them a hug and thank them for always having your back!


Mico and Isabel’s Suppliers:
Photographer: Jaja Samaniego / Videographer: Taavi Films / Ceremony Venue: St. Benedict Parish / Bride’s Dress: Martin Bautista / Groom’s Attire: Francis Libiran / Entourage Attire: Micah Lacap / Makeup Artist: Nicole Ceballos / Hairstylist: Bryan Resurreccion / Caterer: The Black Pig / Cake Baker: Bizu / Flowers and Decor: Gathered Creative Co.

Patxi and Chiqui’s Suppliers:
Photographer Martin San Diego / Videographer: Taavi Films / Ceremony Venue: St. Jerome Emiliani and Sta. Susana Parish / Bride and Bridesmaids Dresses: Atelier Esme / Groom’s Attire: Kingsmen Bespoke / Makeup Artist: Nicole Ceballos / Hairstylist: Bryan Resurreccion / Caterer: K by Cunanan / Desserts: Valerie’s Kitchen, Claudine’s Homemade Classics, Bizu / Flowers and Decor: Gathered Creative Co. / Graphic Design and Digital Artwork: Gabby Macatulad / Printing: GleePrinting, Black Dog Graphic Design and Print Services / Musicians: Manila Wedding Singers / Bridal March Mix: Josh Balane Music Productions / Favors: THC (Truly Homemade Chips) Manila

Joey and Mickey’s Suppliers:
Photographer: Aya Cabauatan and Mico Gonzales / Ceremony Venue: St. James the Great Parish / Bride and Bridesmaids Dresses: Anika Martirez / Groom’s Attire: Tiño Suits / Wedding Rings: JMA Jewelry / Makeup Artist: Nicole Ceballos / Hairstylist: Bryan Resurreccion / Caterer: Nikkei / Desserts: Hey Pie People / Flowers and Decor: Bertie’s Bouquets / Graphic Design: Yana Gutierrez / Ceremony Musicians: The Perfect Fourth

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