A Dreamy Morning Wedding with a Classic White, Cream, and Blush and Color Palette

Why wait when happily ever after is already within reach? Ferdie and Isab originally planned to get married later in November this year, but given the new reality of the pandemic, they decided to move up their date much earlier. Aside from trimming down the guest list, they also made changes to their wedding mood board. From deep, warm fall-inspired colors, Ferdie and Isab shifted to bright, classic colors to complement the current season. They decided on a palette of white and cream with pale pink accents. The result was a dreamy and romantic morning wedding, made even more meaningful by the presence of their nearest and dearest. The reception styling was kept clean and minimalist, staying true to the bride’s love for flowers. Almost as stunning as the blushing bride herself, the bridal gown was also embellished with hand-sewn floral appliqués to go with the overall motif. To keep fellow brides-to-be motivated, we asked bride, Isab, to share some stories about their wedding planning journey. Read them below as you scroll through the photos by Lex Alinsod Photography.

A Dreamy Morning Wedding with a Classic White, Cream, and Blush and Color Palette

Can you tell us about your love story? How did you two meet?

“We first met in college briefly. We didn’t keep in touch, but we would see each other’s posts on social media. Years later, I noticed Ferdie was always my top Instagram story viewer, so I kept posting cute stories until he finally DM-ed me. He replied to my post of this taco place in La Union and replied “fave!” and so we started texting. When we officially started dating, Ferdie confessed he never really actually tried that taco place I posted!”

Before the pandemic, what was your vision for your wedding day? What changes did you have to make?

“Before the pandemic hit, we already booked majority of our suppliers. Our original wedding date was supposed to be in November 2021, but we both decided to just go ahead and move the wedding earlier but with a more intimate guest list. We were so lucky we were able to book such flexible suppliers that even with the earlier date, they still delivered and made our wedding day so much more than we could have hoped for. Deciding to push our wedding earlier was easier for us since we both were on the same page and just wanted to get married already. And with all the uncertainty covid has brought, we didn’t want to wait anymore and start our lives together already.”

What was the most difficult part of wedding planning? Ferdie and I both come from big families and we’re super family-oriented, so it was difficult for us to cut down our guest list. We are both very close to our families, so we agreed to stick to just our immediate families and longtime friends. Planning a wedding in general is already super tricky, so adding ever-changing guidelines and restrictions to gatherings truly was challenging and the most stressful part. We started out with 150 guests, then went down to 10 during the height of the pandemic. Only months before the wedding did we decide to push our luck with less than 50 guests hoping the guidelines wouldn’t change again.”

What was your vision or inspiration for your wedding styling?

“I started out with a fall motif with deep warm colors since my original wedding was supposed to be in November. I tried to match the colors to the season our wedding would be. In my opinion, deeper colors didn’t go with a day wedding and an even smaller guest list since it was too dramatic. With our new wedding date in February, I was thinking of spring colors, but I didn’t want anything too loud. I wanted the colors to complement our morning wedding, so we went with classic colors: majority of whites and creams with hints of pink. The final mood board I shared with my stylist was filled with white and blush flowers with clean minimal table settings. Moki, our stylist, was able to capture the vision I had in mind and it was her who put a name to the theme and called it dreamy yet classic.”

How did you and your husband de-stress during the wedding planning? 

“It wasn’t so stressful for us to plan our wedding cause we had enough time. I also do events for work, so planning was super fun for me to do! We were both very hands on with planning. I did our invites as well as all the graphics needed for our wedding, while Ferdie prepared our growing up AVP. Ferdie was also very involved in planning and whenever I would get overwhelmed with decision making, he would step in and volunteer to take care of it instead. Thinking back, whenever we would have to go to Tagaytay for permits or meetings with our suppliers, we’d always make a road trip out of it and have stopovers in our favorite restaurants so running errands didn’t really feel like a chore for us!”

Photographer: Lex Alinsod Photography / Videographer: The Spark Series / Preparations and Reception Venue: Angelfields Nature Sanctuary / Ceremony Venue: St. Benedict Parish / Bride’s Dress and Groom’s Attire: Bianca Cordero / Bride’s Shoes: Nine West / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Lola and Daisies / Hair and Makeup Artist: Isabelle Lopez / Flowers & Decor: Moki Gray / Cake Baker: Elle’s Kitchen PH / Band: 3rd Avenue Music / Lights and Sounds: Artuz 101 / Favors: Twisted Candy / Food Cart: Lulubon Grazing / Wedding Rings: JMA Jewelry / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Pabys Creates Events

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