This Filipiniana Wedding is Reminiscent of the Couple’s Childhood

They say that some of your fondest childhood memories impact your adult life. Such is the case for Nax and Badet, who tastefully integrated elements of their Filipino childhood into […]

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Spot the Terno, the Sampaguita Bouquet, and an Heirloom in This Wedding!

Enamored by the Philippine terno’s elegance and timelessness, Bride Renee has always envisioned a Filipiniana Wedding. In wedding planning, as in any life endeavor, where there is a clear vision, […]

This Couple was a Match Made in Bumble!

Have you every encountered a serendipitous moment? Today’s featured couple, Ace and Gucci, definitely have. Serendipity, which means finding something good unexpectedly, is what this couple experienced when they met […]

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These Doctors Booked an All-In Wedding Venue for Safety

There’s no denying that the pandemic has impacted how couples plan their weddings. If before couples only had to choose a venue based on their theme and preferred aesthetic, now […]

This Wedding Has the Classic and Elegant Details That Says Glam!

Lucky and Keyr achieved the exact classic and elegant wedding they envisioned, and it truly does look beautiful! Some of the classic details that stand out are the colors red […]