Crazy in Love: Sam YG and Essa Get Real in Front of the Camera for the First Time

“When you know, you know,” is what people often answer when asked about finding “the one”. It’s a feeling that’s so hard to put into words, but when it is, […]

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    Fall in Love with the Fashion and the Flowers from This Wedding in Pampanga!

    Have you attended a wedding and genuinely felt amazed with how the details were ironed out and just so flawlessly put together? Inno and Kamille’s wedding was one of the […]

    The Look


    Two Years May Sound Like a Long Engagement, But This Couple Proves That It’s Worth the Wait!

    Since Ralph and Mariko were both based abroad during their engagement, the couple opted for a longer engagement period so that they could have sufficient time for their wedding preparations. […]

    10 Important Questions to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Planner

    Wedding planners are almost like real life fairy godmothers. They’re the ones who hold our hands from the very start up until the finish line. We know there must be […]