B&B TV Recap with Amanda Tirol: Destination Wedding Dreams Can Still Come True!

Whether it’s the breathtaking views, the weekend-long festivities, or simply the change in scenery—there is just something so idyllic about destination weddings. With most forms of traveling on pause due to the pandemic, a number of couples and wedding guests are left unsure about their future plans. We are starting to see what weddings look like while on quarantine. They are more intimate and just beautiful as the weddings have grown accustomed to, but how about destination weddings? What will they look like in the future?

We discussed exactly that when we talked to wedding-planner-to-the stars Amanda Tirol on a past episode of B&B TV. She shared valuable insights and realistic tips on how you can move forward with a destination wedding. Here are some of the ways you can still make the dream a reality!

B&B TV Recap with Amanda Tirol: Destination Wedding Dreams Can Still Come True!

[LAYOUT: Get some wedding planning done with help from a reliable coordinator]

Now is the best time to get to know your suppliers and come up with Plans A, B, and C. We now have more time for online meetings and cooking up innovations. Do ask if they have any promotions offered during this time. Deals have never been this good and some are even applicable to weddings a year or two away. Be sure to take time when choosing suppliers, most especially your wedding coordinator. It’s important that they know what they’re talking about and communication lines are always open as they are the key to having a stress-free day.


[LAYOUT: Maximize the beauty of the outdoors and all it has to offer]

Amanda Tirol explained that when opting for a wedding outdoors, specifically at the beach, you don’t have to add so many elements because the view is already breathtaking. You have the sunset and the sand working for you, so you don’t have to spend too much to transform a location. Choosing an outdoor setting also means you have more space to work with and fresh air circulating throughout the venue. We can already see the lush greenery and dreamy fairy lights!


[LAYOUT: Revisit your wedding budget and make sure to stick to it]

These are challenging times for the entire world and it is completely understandable to make adjustments to your initial budget. There are just more things to consider and to prepare for now. Don’t be afraid to engage the suppliers you’ve already booked and discuss ways to make it work with what you are willing to spend now. Think about what really matters to you as a couple and cut out all the noise.


[LAYOUT: Book local suppliers from your destination of choice]

Most destinations already have their own pool of talented local suppliers whom you can book for your wedding. Try asking your venue or coordinator for recommendations from their previous events and you just might find a hidden gem. This will also help your overall budget since you won’t be paying for any out-of-town fees, accommodation, or travel fare for your suppliers.


[LAYOUT: Plan out your safety protocols and how they will be implemented effectively]

Coordinate with your venue to ensure that recommended safety measures will be strictly followed. Part of these protocols is the number of guests you will be inviting. Hold off on sending out your invitations to avoid the possibility of taking them back should your guest list be trimmed down. You can also incorporate safety into your program by choosing personalized masks or soap bars as giveaways.


[LAYOUT: Move your wedding date, if that's what makes you more comfortable]

Everybody’s safety is the top priority—family, friends, and suppliers included. There are couples who will choose to proceed with their original date and make adjustments with other details, while there are other couples who will choose to postpone their wedding to keep their plans intact. There is no one right answer for this. Talk about your priorities as a couple and make the decision that feels right to you both. Whatever you decide, what matters most is that you finally get to marry the love of your life and it is going to be absolutely magical!


Watch the full episode of B&B TV with Amanda Tirol here!


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