For the Women in Your Life: Here’s How You Can Thank Moms, Ninangs, and Bridesmaids!

We wouldn’t be the strong and confident women we are today without a little help from the inspiring women in our lives. As you plan your wedding, don’t forget to thank the amazing women around you for everything they’ve done for you during the wedding preparations and everything they will be doing for you and your marriage. We know wedding planning is already stressful as it is, so there’s no need to add something elaborate and time-consuming to the to-do list. Sometimes it’s the small, thoughtful things that matter the most. With that in mind, here are some meaningful  ways you can express your gratitude for your Mom, your Ninangs, and your Bridesmaids!

For the Women in Your Life: Here's How You Can Thank Mom, Ninangs, and Bridesmaids!

For Your Bridesmaids

1. Take Her Out on a Date
When you invite a relative or family friend to be your ninang for the wedding, set some time to spend time with her and ask her to be your principal sponsor. Invite her for brunch or coffee and take that as an opportunity to have a heart-to-heart conversation. A ninang serves as a guide for married life. You choose her because you admire her values, so go ahead and ask for her wisdom. She will surely appreciate how much you respect her advice!

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2. Give a Special Token of Appreciation
It is customary to prepare gifts for your principal sponsors, but why not go the extra mile by choosing something that your ninang would truly like and will find useful. There are many options for local wedding favors that your ninang will appreciate. You can also ask her for items that she enjoys using at home or what her favorite food is to make your gift even more personalized.

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3. Send a Thank You Note After the Wedding
Don’t forget to send Thank You messages to your ninangs and ninongs after the wedding. The gesture will be much appreciated. Try to spend some quality time with your ninang beyond the wedding day as well. Keep in touch and catch up with her whenever you can. She will surely love hearing from you!



1. Thoughtfully Plan Their Attire
Choosing the bridesmaid dresses is part of the wedding planning journey and it’s an excellent opportunity to bond with your best girls. If you have extra wiggle room in your budget, you may want to consider paying for the bridesmaid dresses yourself. You can also be more thoughtful by asking for your bridesmaids’ preferences when it comes to their dresses. Get their opinions and make sure they will be comfortable with what they’re going to wear. Be a good friend by making them feel confident and beautiful too!

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2. Treat Them to a Mani-Pedi
Your bridesmaids serve as your support system throughout wedding planning preparations, so thanking them with a mani-pedi session will be a welcome treat. You all deserve some rest and relaxation, so go ahead and schedule a day just to pamper yourselves. It’s a great way to unwind and calm your nerves before the big day!

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3. Encourage New Connections Among Your Friends
Your bridesmaids will be a mix of friends from different groups—your work colleagues, college best friends, high school friends, relatives, and maybe more. Not all of them are familiar with each other yet, so it would be great to introduce them to one another through a group chat or a simple get-together. They are all special people in your life, so wouldn’t it be fun if they could become good friends too?

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4. Be Accommodating
If your wedding venue is out of town, help out your entourage by giving them options for accommodations and transportation. You might want to offer subsidizing the costs for things like Hair and Makeup to lessen your bridesmaids’ expenses as well. Remember, they will also be spending time, effort, and money on your big day so a little assistance will go a long way.


For Your Mom

1. Surprise Her with a Meaningful Gift
Time to reward Mom with a gift that comes from the heart! Take her dress shopping or buy that bag she has always wanted but never had the chance to get for herself. You can also take her on a date so you can spend some quality time with your mom, just the two of you, before you officially say I do!

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2. Include Her in the Preparations
Your mom will surely want to be part of the wedding preparations, so try to assign some tasks to her like accompanying you to your bridal gown fittings and helping out with the bridal shower. You can also borrow items like her jewelry or perfume from her and wear them on your wedding day! Wearing something of hers as you walk down the aisle will surely warm her heart.

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3. Set Aside Time for a Photoshoot with Her
You’ll be taking hundreds of photos on your wedding day, and you definitely should not miss having a photoshoot with Mom! Amidst the boudoir and preparations photos, snap some memorable shots with your mom while you’re getting ready and putting on accessories. If you have some more time before the wedding, schedule a studio or home shoot with your mom so you can have photos as memorabilia to gift to her and take with you to your new home!

Photographer: Benjie Tiongco | Real Wedding: A Grand Celebration in White, Gold, Blush Pink, and Blue!

4. Express Your Love and Thanks in Words
The most important things to remember is to express your gratitude—don’t forget to say “thank you” and “I love you” on the good days and the bad ones. Wedding planning can be hectic and the flurry of activities might get distracting, so whenever you get the chance, express your love and gratitude. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing those heartfelt words coming from you!


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