How Do You Find Love? Let’s Count The Ways!

Going through different wedding photos everyday always makes us wonder, “How did all these beautiful love stories begin?” So finally, we threw the question at you through our Instagram Stories and the entries we got made us gasp, hold our breath, and smile! Oh love, it always happens in the most random places and the most unexpected circumstances. We’re sharing with you some of the interesting answers today! How about you, how did you meet the one? Let us know through the comments section below.

How Do You Find Love? Let's Count The Ways!

Location: When you were both at the right place at the right time

“I met the love of my life in the hallway of our workplace” (_Charm16_) "He’s the boy next door. He’s my neighbour here in Sydney!" (ms.jazzybells) "We met during enrollment. College days" (ayelskii) "In the hospital." (jofelixbueno)


Work: When the call of duty comes in handy

"He was a duty manager in the same hotel I was working for.” (Sophieest) "I met him at work and that time I had a BF. Our love story is my fave!" (tronilove) "At the hotel. He’s already working and I just started my internship" (vevymuch) "At work. Same hospital." (kat_delcastillo_) "He was all along my work seatmate" (belleepepper) "Office mates for 6 years and just noticed each other after 5 years" (funaleentastic) "I met him when we were training as firefighters." (izzaberri)


Dating App: When modern ways work!

"Met him on Bumble" (angelirosales) "Through a dating app and we just go married last mont. French guy 5 years younger" (iamkaye.e) "Dating app. Tinderella here" (joycepaji25)


Connections: When love depends on the people you know

“A year after a series of failed attempts of our mutual friends to introduce us.” (ljellies) "Childhood friends" (gabrielleavenue) "We met at school where he is the bestfriend of my college friend" (decereelois) "Chilhood classmate" (mineischa) "He was introduced to me by my cousin." (Mrs. Fiesta) "He was introduced by his ex-girlfriend who happened to be my college classmate" (graxiajimenez) "From a close friend" (iglendz) "At a baptism of my cousin. And I can’t wait for her to be our flowergirl for our wedding" (al_rabara) "My bestfriend’s birthday party" (intrnet) "Blind date" (pachooche)


Passion and Hobbies: When you find love while doing what you love to do

"I met the love of my life at Church. We’re both choir members duing those times." (symsymie) "We met at the church! He joined our choir cause he got smitten by my charm" (katrineirang) "Ballroom dancing class" (joy.plans) "At a chirstian youth retreat" (mylescanete) "Cheering and basketball practice at school"(chescababista) "Volunteering at an anti-human trafficking organisation while I was solo-backpacking India" (geeitsjo)


Totally Random: When a plot twist surprises you!

"When I was covering for somebody at his station." (mayingtot) "We dated 9 years ago and it failed. Our paths crossed again in 2017 on a random jeep ride, and now we’re about to get married!" (sieleenj) On a college retreat! (macybote) Fiesta. (vnush_) We met in kinder, dated in HS, went on LDR after college, got engaged on the 10th anniv. Now, newlyweds! (hellojewel) "I met him during our tree planting activity way back in first year college" (gracemalapitan)


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  1. I met him on an app. Turn out, he’s from my dad’s hometown and his lolo’s house is just 30 steps from my lolo’s. Then, his aunt married my dad’s younger brother. And back in the day, our grandparents are sort of barkada. I’d like to believe, it was fate and God that brought us together and now we are planning our wedding set for December next year. 🙂

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