Bride Diaries: What Is It like to Be Engaged during the Pandemic?

The engagement season is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. It’s when all the planning and choosing happens, both for the wedding and for the marriage. But for engaged couples who are caught up in the current pandemic, this season looks quite different.

We talked to three engaged brides and they shared with us their experiences, their struggles, and all the lessons that came with it.

Bride Diaries: What Is It like to Be Engaged during the Pandemic?

Rafa and Lexi

Lexi was looking for rings to accessorize her outfit before heading out to dinner with friends in September 2019. As she heads to the door, her boyfriend for three years, Rafa, asked her if she could wear “this ring instead.” It was the simplest yet most perfect proposal for Lexi as there were no frills and no other people. She was set to marry the man of her dreams on August 2020; five months prior to their big day, coronavirus was declared a pandemic and the whole country was put on lockdown. “We were taking things day by day but as the date got closer, we gave ourselves a deadline for our options based on the situation of the country. We reassessed what we truly wanted and what was most important to us for our big day.” - Lexi, bride

Lexi and Rafa decided that a simple intimate wedding with their families was enough, so they decided that they will push through! They used this time to do new things together, such as cooking together and spending more time with their family. According to Lexi, the pandemic has taught them to really appreciate the simple things in life: family, health, food on the table, and a roof above their heads. “This lock down has definitely brought us to extreme highs and extreme lows together and individually. It has made us stronger emotionally, spiritually, mentally both as a couple, and as individuals.” - Lexi, bride


Anton and Daniela

They say high school life is the most memorable part of one’s life. That’s especially true for Anton and Daniela, who were high school batch mates. They got engaged on their 11th anniversary on December 2019 in Tagaytay, a place they both love going to! With less than a year to prepare for their July 2020 wedding, they had no time to waste – but then, when the pandemic broke out, the wedding preparations had to take a backseat. “I was more concerned about the well-being of my loved ones. Since lockdown was March and we still didn’t really know how bad and long it would take, we just agreed not to make any decisions until June came. When it did, that’s when we decided the big wedding was not possible. We were not too sad about it, because in a pandemic your main focus is really towards the basic necessities.” - Daniela, bride

Anton and Daniela decided to push through with an intimate wedding this year. Initially, they were saving their suppliers for next year, but they soon realized that not knowing how next year will be is also difficult. So they started finding ways to make this small one special and got some suppliers on board. Shifting their perspective made them excited about it again. “This pandemic taught us to be patient, with dealing with wedding planning things, like finding locations, since we have to be more considerate of everyone. A lot of people are still figuring things out, so we can’t expect answers quick and there’s a lot of back and forth, especially if LGU rules change.” - Daniela, bride “We also learned about acceptance, that we cannot force things that aren’t meant to be, and that our idea of a dream wedding might not actually be the only way to do a dream wedding, and that there are other ways to make it great.” - Daniela, bride



Vince and Anika

Weathering storms together seem to be Vince and Anika’s relationship’s mantra. They belong to the same social circle since high school, and attended the same college. Vince left after one semester to pursue his studies in Los Angeles. They met again in 2010, Anika’s last year in college, in one of Vince’s vacations. They sped up their two weeks to get to know each other better. After college graduation, Anika went to LA to pursue her studies in fashion, so they spent their first 4 years living and studying in LA away from their families and somewhat independent. When Anika flew home in 2014, they hit a rough patch, broke up, and were apart for 2 years. In 2016, they decided to get back together and make the relationship work. “As with all relationships, we’ve had our share of highs and lows, and up to this day, I couldn’t imagine navigating through life in the past 10 years without his presence and influence. He’s shaped me to become who I am today—and continues to do so.” - Anika, bride

Vince pictured a proposal to take place on a kayak during a planned trip to El Nido in August 2019, but the trip was cancelled because of – literally – a storm. He also waited for ghost month to end, and so on September 1, 2019, he woke up decided he was going to pop the question that day. “Casually, over Galbi Jjim in Kiwa, one of our favorite restaurants, while holding my hand, he slipped an intricately designed, vintage heirloom ring from his paternal grandmother, passed on to his mom, onto my finger. With half shock and excitement, I asked what was happening. He said his spiel, and of course I said yes.” - Anika, bride

They were supposed to get married in Lagen Island, El Nido Resorts, Palawan on December 2020, but this uncertain time reminded them that the sacrament of marriage is more important than a wedding celebration. “While we used the time to hunker down, redefine our values, and reassess what truly matters most, we both decided to get married sooner rather than later. Why put our lives on hold because of this road block? Why postpone plans when we both want to start our married lives together already?” - Anika, bride

They decided to let go of their island wedding in El Nido and marry at an earlier date with a smaller, more simplified wedding in Manila, followed by an intimate dinner celebration at home because they didn’t want to place their family and friends in harm’s way. They were on forced long distance relationship during the lockdown, but it was not a problem anymore for Vince and Anika. They connected through FaceTime, while still respecting each other’s me-time. “With this quarantine period, we’ve enjoyed home cooked meals more, and learned the value of making our future first house a home. We will not just be adjusting into married life, but married life in the time of Covid—and our home will be our sanctuary. This pandemic has taught us to zero in on what matters most in life—and to be aligned with those values as future husband and wife.” - Anika, bride





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