A 16-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Let me guess, you’re probably here either because you just got engaged or the thought of marriage has already crossed your mind lately. You may be wondering, “How do I plan a wedding?” or “Where do I even start?” Just the thought of wedding planning can be a little overwhelming already. But don’t fret! We’ve got you, brides. Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning your wedding. Remember to take it one step at a time and most importantly, enjoy the process.

A 16-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Step 1: Check out The Wedding Guide on Bride and Breakfast

Your mind is probably everywhere as you think of all the wedding stuff from the start to the day itself. We know it’s hard to sort things out, but we’re here to help! Check out The Wedding Guide for everything about wedding planning tips and ideas.

Step 2: Determine Your Budget and Establish Non-Negotiables

Setting your wedding budget is crucial to planning your wedding as majority of your wedding-related decisions will revolve around it. Make sure to stick to it by establishing your non-negotiables. If you have generous people around you who are willing to contribute, sit down and talk about your plans with them. Note that there are hidden costs that you wouldn’t realize until it’s there, so make sure to prepare for that as well!

Step 3: Set Your Date

Pick a date that will give you enough time to prepare for your wedding. Once you decide on it, you can create a timeline that will help you know what to prioritize next. In choosing a date, consider the season, people you want to be there especially if it’s a destination wedding, and the significance it has to you both.

Step 4: Book Your Venues

Pick and book a venue with your guests in mind. Are there elderlies? Are you going to provide transport for them? Also put in mind your theme or the kind of wedding you have so it would be fitting to your chosen venue.

Step 5: Identify Your Wedding Theme and Motif

Whether it’s a traditional or city wedding, you can always play around different themes and motifs. It would be great if you already have a specific peg in mind, but if you’re still unsure about it, you can browse through the real weddings we’ve featured here for inspiration.

Step 6: Start Shortlisting and Booking Suppliers

If you have friends who recently got married, you can start by asking them about their suppliers. Then you can compare them to the ones on your list. Just remember to stick to your budget. We know, this may take time, but the last thing you’d want to happen are wedding mishaps as a result of choosing the wrong people. You can also visit out directory for more options.

Step 7: Make an Initial Guest List

Consider your budget in making your guest list. Our tip is to list down first the people closest to you as a couple: immediate family and friends. After that, you can shortlist the others and just add them later on.

Step 8: Meet with Your Wedding Ninongs and Ninangs

You probably already know that your ninongs and ninangs will take on the role of guiding and teaching you priceless lessons during your marriage, some you rarely or haven’t even met. It’s time to break the ice and build rapport with them while you’re still engaged. Ask them out for lunch or a cup of coffee, listen to their stories, ask for their blessings.

Step 9: Send Out Save the Dates

Just like you, your guests also need some time to prepare for your wedding. Sending out save the dates will allow them to plan in advance or even free their schedule on your special day. The best time to do it is four to six months before your special day, and a year before if you’re opting for a destination wedding.

Step 10: Propose to Your Entourage

Propose to your bride and groom squad early on in your wedding planning, this also includes those who will do the prayers, readings, and etc.. Although it’s not required, it would be thoughtful to ask your entourage to be part of your wedding in a special way. It doesn’t always have to be expensive, sending them card is already sweet.

Step 11: Shop for Your Wedding Outfits and Wedding Rings

Finding the right dress and jewelry for your wedding may take a while. Knowing the design you already want would make shopping easier, and if you don’t, just remember to choose the one that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident.

Step 12: Put Together Your Gift Registry

A gift registry is a list of gifts that you and your partner have already picked in advance. Creating the list six to seven months prior may give your guests an idea on what to give you for your wedding.

Step 13: Obtain Your Marriage License

Ask your municipal clerk about the marriage license requirements and make sure that you and your partner accomplish them right in time for your wedding.

Step 14: Send invitations

Remind your guests to RSVP to your wedding a month before so it would be easier to deal with changes like the amount of food or the table arrangement.

Step 15: Plan the Pamamanhikan

It is a common tradition for soon-to-wed Filipino couples to make time for pamamanhikan. The goal of this is for your and your partner’s family members to be introduced to one another, all that while the groom asks for the blessings from the bride’s parents.

Step 16: Celebrate Your Wedding

Finally, you’ve come past the wedding planning stress, now the only thing you got to do is celebrate your special day with your partner! Just let your coordinators do their job, they got you, and your entourage would be there should you and your partner need anything.

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