This Couple had an Eco-Friendly, D-I-Y Wedding in Siargao!

If you’ve been dreaming about having a beautiful beach wedding and saving the environment at the same time, then you’re going to love today’s feature! Nathan and Airene are both nature lovers. So, for their wedding, they made sure to use recycled and reusable materials! They collected dried plants and twigs found by the shore and turned them into bouquets and centerpieces. Their invitations were made out of linen and not paper. The chairs were made by the groom’s family using bamboo and canvas and the cloth which covered the tables are 100% organic cotton! Even Airene’s wedding dress is made from organic, pure silk. Truly admirable, Nathan and Airene’s creativity and determination surely paid off as they achieved a beautiful wedding with less waste!

Read more about this sustainable island wedding while you scroll through the photos by Macky Carcedo Photographs.

"My husband has always been so concerned about environmental issues. He lives by his mantra, 'Refuse what you don’t need. Reduce what you need'. That made me come up with the idea to create an eco-friendly wedding. Almost all the things we used were biodegradable, recycled, and reusable." Airene, Bride

"Everything was D-I-Yed. We did not hire an event stylist to do the decorations. Doing so gave us a sense of fulfillment. The cloths we used were organic linen, 100% cotton, and pure silk. The native baskets and carpets were from local weavers of Cebu. The chairs that are made of bamboo and canvas were made by my husband’s family. Everything had been taken into consideration if it’s ethical, biodegradable, low-cost and functional." Airene, Bride

"For the centerpiece, we gathered some dried plants along the beach and nearby forest. Coconut inflorescence, Nipa palm fruits, Ipil-ipil flowers, wild grass, and seashells. For the invitation, my friend who is a calligrapher handmade it for free. I just gave her the materials to be used like linen cloth and shells. The bridal bouquet is made of only two materials, Ipil-ipil and butterfly plant which is also found on the same beach where my wedding was held." Airene, Bride

"For the bridesmaids bouquets, Ipil-ipil and coconut inflorescence were used, tied with linen cloth. The tables are covered with reused macrame, charger plate from the local native market, and the dinner plates are made of recycled wood that we rented from a collector for a minimal cost. Other wooden pieces are my own collection mostly from surplus stores in Cebu." Airene, Bride

"To complete the dinner set-up, I rented gold-plated spoons and colored water goblets to give it a subtle touch of a formal dining set up. All are reusable. The overall event styling was rustic and sustainable. We used dried flowers instead of fresh flowers to decorate the wedding cake. We also brought string lights with low consumption light bulbs as the main source of light for the reception. For us, less is better. Using fewer materials and less energy results to less carbon-footprints." Airene, Bride

"Being a wardrobe stylist for quite a long time, I’ve seen many gorgeous wedding dresses. There were countless design ideas from my friends in the fashion industry. It was the hardest part I guess. The very first consideration was the material--it has to be organic. So, I sourced almost all the textile stores until I found this crocheted lace fabric made of pure silk. I then embellished it with real shells as buttons. It originally had a train but my last minute decision to cut it shorter made it perfect. It became lighter and more comfortable to move around." Airene, Bride

"We’ve seen many nicer beach weddings but what made ours unique was the goal of celebrating our big day with less waste. The simplicity of it made it more fun. The event was filled with pure joy and laughter, new acquaintances, unity, creativity, and education regarding nature." Airene, Bride

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Photographer: Macky Carcedo Photographs / Ceremony and Reception Venue: Siargao Island Villas / Crochet Accessories : Artesania de Coco / Hair and Makeup Artist: Bunny Malunda / Hair and Makeup Artist: Maria Faizel Tan / Hair and Makeup Artist: Margarette Bud / Hair and Makeup Artist: Joseph Agbay / Calligraphy: The Hefty Lefty / Entertainment: Don Fonge / Entertainment: Tribal Drumbeats Ang Dagsa / Wedding Singer: Michael Adrian Kaimito / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: The Centerpiece / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Heavenly Weddings Cebu / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: GAC Wedding Errands / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Dorothy Sagario / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Arniell Oclida / Calligraphy: The Hefty Lefty
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  1. By looking deep into nature, you will understand everything better..It is amazing that you find beauty in them as I quote “Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself”. Nature is nonetheless artificial and superficial. It originates from God’s infinite design..Everything in it is properly clothed, not even Solomon’s wisdom can surpass it. (Matthew 6:29) I really admired your wedding concepts; you were able to go back what is in the Lord’s perspective..Just want to remind you that every positive thing we can see in nature are only shadows but the reality is God, just as Christ is the reality of God..Life is God; God is Life…life without God is useless. Congratulations Jiji and Airene, appreciate much your union together, may our good Lord will bless you with children… God’s blessings to both of you as you will start to build a family in your own…I love you both..

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