Let’s Learn While We Wait: A List of Channels, Podcasts, and Documentaries (A Developing Post)

It’s been a week since our mandatory community quarantine and by now, most of us have felt the gravity of the pandemic we’re trying to beat and the situation we’re all in. While staying indoors can get uncomfortable after some time, all we can do is to wait things out, keep ourselves productive, and look […]

Get Out of Bed and Move! You Have an Upcoming Wedding to Prepare For

It’s so easy to lose track of your wedding plans and your personal goals after everything got derailed because of the global pandemic. You have two options, though: 1) stay in bed and sulk, or 2) build yourself up. Today, we’ll help you choose option 2! Here’s a list of websites and Instagram accounts that […]

15 Netflix Shows You Can Binge Watch While on Community Quarantine

With a community quarantine happening in the metro, we are all advised to stay home in order to avoid getting sick and spreading the virus even further. But staying home doesn’t have to mean gloomy days ahead. Instead of going out, we can have chill days indoors with Netflix! Since a lot of us will […]