15 Netflix Shows You Can Binge Watch While on Community Quarantine

With a community quarantine happening in the metro, we are all advised to stay home in order to avoid getting sick and spreading the virus even further. But staying home doesn’t have to mean gloomy days ahead. Instead of going out, we can have chill days indoors with Netflix! Since a lot of us will be working or studying online for a month, you can spare a bit more time to cuddle up on the couch, and relax with your family or significant other. Plus, you can finally watch as many Korean dramas as you want! We got you covered with some more suggestions for your upcoming series and movie marathons, so check them out below!

12 Netflix Shows You Can Binge Watch While on Community Quarantine

TV Series

The Good Place
This series, starring Kristen Bell, deserves some more attention for its witty script and the cast’s brilliant comedic acting! The Good Place is a town in the afterlife designed as a rewarding paradise for those who have done nothing but good deeds during their time on earth. Not only will you laugh out loud while watching this show, but this series will also make you think about what it really means to be “good” and the importance of second chances.

Produced by Fremulon / 3 Arts Entertainment / Universal Television / Photo via Reelgood

Locke and Key
Currently one of the top 10 trending shows in the country! A Netflix original series, Locke and Key follows three siblings who, after moving to their late father’s ancestral estate, start to discover magical keys which unlock hidden powers and secrets. Worth watching especially if you’re into fantasy and mystery!

Produced by IDW Entertainment / Circle of Confusion / Take 5 Productions / Photo via Netflix

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
If you haven’t started watching this series, I suggest you do so now! This may be a darker retelling of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but the suspense and drama will keep you glued to the screen. In this version, Sabrina battles between her dual nature as a half-witch and half-mortal, while going against the evil forces which threaten her family, friends, and the rest of the human world.

Produced by: Archie Comics Publications / Warner Bros. Television / Photo via Netflix

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
Of course I’m throwing in Korean dramas here! So, are there any Park Seo-joon fans out there? If you’ve watched this series already, why not watch it again and again? This is the kind of funny, feel good show that we need right now! The story follows uptight Vice Chairman Lee Young Joon and his headstrong secretary Kim Mi-So who, after nine years, decides to resign from her job! Secrets of the past unfold as Vice Chairman Lee tries to stop her from leaving.

Produced by Bon Factory / Studio Dragon / Photo via Amino

Cinderella and the Four Knights
If you loved Park So-Dam in Parasite, then I think you’ll also adore her in Cinderella and the Four Knights! In this story, a wealthy grandfather hires the spunky Ha Won, played by So-Dam, to work in his mansion hoping she could help his three troublesome grandsons get their acts together. The drama and the romance will have you binging on this series in one weekend.

Produced by HB Entertainment / Photo via New on Netflix USA

Crash Landing On You
The drama that has captured all our hearts! We laughed, we cried, cried, and cried! A story of love that knows no boundaries, Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri will make you believe that love really does conquer all.

Produced by Culture Depot / Studio Dragon / Photo via Netflix

When Calls the Heart
If you’re a fan of historical-fiction, then When Calls the Heart is for you. Set in the early 1900’s, this story follows Elizabeth Thatcher, a young woman accustomed to high-society life but moves to a humble western town to become a schoolteacher. There she meets the fierce mothers of Coal Valley who have been trying to get back on their feet after losing their husbands in a tragic, coal mine explosion. Give this series a chance and let it inspire you about the wit and strength a woman holds!

Produced by: Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA) / Believe Pictures / Brad Krevoy Television / Photo via Vocal Media

Glow Up
If you’re a beauty or makeup lover, then you must watch this reality series! Talented makeup artists compete in a series of tasks that challenge their artistry, creativity, and techniques in order to win a career-changing prize. Glow Up will show you an incredible artistic side of the makeup world!

Produced by BBC Three / Photo via Netflix

The Story of Diana
For enthusiasts of stories about the British monarchy, here’s a closer and more intimate look into the life of the late Princess Diana. This documentary features personal interviews with some of the people who knew Diana very well.

Produced by: Four M Studios / Photo via Netflix

A much talked about documentary about the world of competitive cheerleading. Get to discover all the trials the Navarro College cheer team has to overcome in order to win a coveted national title. The inspiring, and at times heartbreaking, stories featured here have resonated with many audiences making this documentary a Netflix success.

Produced by: Boardwalk Pictures / Caviar / One Potato Productions / Photo via Netflix

Salt Fat Acid Heat
Foodies this is the show for you! Follow award-winning chef and author, Samin Nosrat, as she travels the world and ventures on an exploration about the four basic ingredients to cook delicious food. I think good food is enough of a reason to watch this series, right?

Produced by Jigsaw Productions / Photo via Netflix



To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 1 and 2!
The tale of young love! Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky will never cease to make us feel kilig. A sweet and quirky kind of movie about falling love, this is definitely fun to watch over and over again.

Produced by: Awesomeness / Overbrook Entertainment / Photo via April Magazine

The Perfect Date
In The Perfect Date, high school senior Brooks Rattigan raises money for his Ivy League college dreams by creating an app to offer his services as a fake date.  If you’re a Noah Centineo fan, then The Perfect Date is the one to watch after To All the Boys!

Produced by: Ace Entertainment / Awesomeness / Photo via Netflix

Spirited Away
Fun movie nights with the family are coming with Studio Ghibli films!  Start with Spirited Away, a story about 10-year old Chihiro who stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park which is secretly a magical realm ruled by a witch. If you have kids, then this would be great to watch with them!

Produced by: Studio Ghibli / Photo via IMDb

Set it Up
Humor, wit, and romance? Yes, you can find all that in Set it Up! Two overworked executive assistants connive to spark a romance between their bosses, so they can get a night or two off! What goes wrong and what goes right? Just watch it now!

Produced by: Treehouse Pictures / Photo via Netflix
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