These Couples Share their Realizations as Newlyweds in Quarantine!

Pushing through with your wedding during this time is one thing, living together with quarantine restrictions in place is another. How have newlyweds been coping during this pandemic? Is it harder to be cooped up together with not many places to go but the grocery? What realizations about marriage has quarantine led them to? Let’s find out from these newlyweds: Christian and Danise, Dave and Jeah, and Jay and Kat.

These Couples Share their Realizations as Newlyweds in Quarantine!

Christian and Danise Date of Wedding: February 20, 2020

Danise and Christian returned to Canada after their wedding in Manila, right before the Enhanced Community Quarantine was declared. They have been spending quarantine in their home in Calgary since then. Though they have been living together abroad for many years, they’re still learning new things about each other everyday along with habits that tend to irk each of them.

“There are still some simple things that I get annoyed with like leaving dirty dishes at the sink, but at the end of the day, those are just simple things that we need to compromise on.” -Danise

They were both classified as essential workers after the quarantine in their city, but the pandemic still hit them hard financially. However, these newlyweds are expecting a blessing this year!

“Both of us got our hours reduced and I got my salary reduced by more that 10%. Almost all our savings just went to paying our bills. The only good thing about this pandemic is we had more time to prepare for our baby who is coming this December.” -Danise

“We learned to trust and understand each other more. We know that both of us are just doing our best to provide and to save for our future baby.” -Danise and Christian


Dave and Jeah Date of Wedding: July 20, 2020

Dave and Jeah love the outdoors! They bond over hiking, swimming, biking, running, motorcycle-riding and other fun physical activities while enjoying nature.

“We used to ride our motorcycle for day trips to hike the mountains in Rizal and nearby areas and for long rides to provinces while visiting friends and relatives. Since the quarantine took place, we can’t hike and ride together or enjoy local trips.” -Jeah

Working from home also meant they had to report back to their jobs immediately after the wedding. By now, we all know how exhausting working from home can be and how much it blurs the boundaries of working and resting. Despite not being able to explore the outdoors like they used to, Dave and Jeah have been finding ways to emotionally support each other and to look at positive lessons they can gain in this experience.

“I’ve seen how dedicated he is at work and how good he is as a team leader even while working from home. It’s something that I haven’t seen before since their office is exclusive for employees only. I’ve also observed how family-oriented he is and how he finds time to call his family and video chat his brothers and nephews. He also schedules a day when we should visit my mom’s unit to catch up with her and my sister.” -Jeah

“I learned that Jeah is very dedicated to being green and sustainable. She doesn’t like throwing out plastic. She collects and donates them to organizations that recycle and reuse. She also composts all our food scraps and one day I was surprised by the strong smell when she opened her Bokashi composting bucket. According to her, it’s a good sign that the scraps are fermenting, but I still need to get used to its stench.” -Dave

“We are both grateful that we are going through the pandemic together. We can’t imagine not having each other at this very challenging time. Being present for each other physically and praying together helps us get rid of overthinking and suppressing our feelings due to the fact that the world is changing and times are very uncertain. Our prayer and hope is for everyone to have someone to share their overwhelming thoughts with at this time. It makes a huge difference when you have someone you can talk to during this pandemic, not necessarily a partner or a husband/wife, but at least someone that is kind enough to carry some of your burden. That would be enough to get by.” -Dave and Jeah


Jay and Kat Date of Wedding: February 14, 2020

Jay and Kat had big plans after their wedding. In fact, all their plans were already laid out even before they got married. They were going to renovate their first dream home, go on their honeymoon, and have spontaneous dates whenever and wherever they wanted. However, the pandemic threw quite a curveball their way. But this couple adapted in the best way they can to the situation by focusing on their businesses, and leveling up their skills both at work and at home!

“We learned a lot of things, mostly domestic chores. Pre-lockdown, I barely knew how to fry an egg. It feels like I went through ‘Wife-ing 101’ training. Jay on the other hand leveled up his game in 3D designing. We spent the first few months trying new things like cooking, new skills, binge watching, adapting to each other’s routines. Now, we’ve been spending more time fixing our finances and our future plans.” -Kat

Jay and Kat make it a habit to pray and reflect together daily. During one of their prayer and reflection sessions, they shared their realization that 2020 has made them see what matters most much clearer than ever – family, health, love, time, and wisdom.

“We talk and pray and trust. There were nights when we just cry and pour our hearts out. Communication really helps us. We are just blessed to be able to share the pain, and half the pain with each other. There were days when we replay our wedding SDE video more than once in a day, just to remind us of the best experience 2020 gave us, and to remind us that God, the author of our lives, only writes beautiful stories.”-Jay and Kat

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