QUIZ: Stuck at Home with Your One True Oppa–Who Will It Be?

Staying home and staying safe is hard work! But will having an Oppa by your side make it more bearable? Take this fun quiz to know which Oppa matches your personality the best!


1. What country do you want to travel to next?

2. How do you describe your ideal man?

3. What new skill do you want to learn after the lockdown?

4. What do you love to eat on a special day?

5. What type of show do you always watch?

6. Choose a word that best describes yourself

Choose a color

8. What are you willing to give up for your oppa?

Oppa Quiz

You’re feisty and you know it! You go after what you want and this makes you a perfect complement to Park Saeroyi’s personality. He’s focused and driven, but also has a sensitive heart. Being stuck with him at home may mean playing competitive games and discussing business matters. Can you handle it?

You’re a hopeless romantic. You appreciate small gestures so much that it appears bigger and sweeter in your mind. You crave for thoughtfulness that’s why you’re drawn to Captain Ri’s personality. He’s brave, strong, and has a habit of showing up at the right place at the right time. Being stuck with him at home will make you feel safe for sure!

You’re an adventurer! You like trying out new things and experimenting with your limits. Being stuck at home with Dam Ryung will mean you’ll have an unpredictable lifestyle but you’ll love every second of it. He’s very manly but he has a soft spot in his heart for you.

You’re an old soul. What matters to you the most is a sensitive heart. You value spending time and being in a conversation with your Oppa and this makes Kim Shin a perfect match for you. He’ll protect you, guide you, and sacrifice so much for you. He’ll even cook you good steak while you’re stuck at home together!
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