Bridesmaid Gifts That Will Make Your Girls Squeal With Delight

As your virtual wedding best friend, we know that the stress of wedding planning knows no limit. And because our aim is to help all brides-to-be, we want to save you the hassle by ticking one task off your wedding checklist–your bridesmaids gifts. Though not necessarily required, giving bridesmaids gifts is a form of saying thank […]

Sealed with Sophistication

Today, I am inviting you to a wedding that is sealed with nothing but sophistication. Stephen and Sari’s celebration of love took us to a whole new level of tropical chicness. And how they managed to smoothly combine elegance with elements of the tropics remains a mystery to me. But I am definitely delighted to the […]

Songs Perfect For Walking Down The Aisle: Part 2

We are utterly overwhelmed (in a good way, of course) with all the responses we’ve been getting for our walking down the aisle playlist we did a few months back! So much so that we decided to make another one for you guys! If you’re still looking for that perfect song, then check out this […]

5 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Veil

Calling the attention of brides-to-be, here’s a PSA from your favorite virtual wedding best friend. There is more than just one way to wear your wedding veil, ladies! But don’t fret! Because today, we’re showing you five different ways on how to wear that sheer piece of fabric you put on your head–from the bohemian […]

Beaming with Beauty

If I could have one word to describe Natz and Jon’s wedding, it would have to be beautiful. Let me tell you the reasons why. First, I was in awe of how breathtakingly beautiful the bride was in that Michael Leyva wedding gown. (Confession: It got me staring at it for a solid minute.) Second, those bridesmaid […]

The Look