7 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Would Love to Receive!

Your bride tribe is made up of your closest friends and family. They’re the people who have been with you through thick and thin. They’re the ones who answer your late night calls and give you honest talk when you need it most. They’re the ladies who’ll cry their ugliest during your wedding day just because they’re genuinely happy for you! Your bridesmaids have done so much for you and we’re sure your heart is overflowing with gratitude. Now, if you’re looking for the perfect practical gifts to give them to show just how thankful you are, we’ve listed down seven gift ideas that we think will make your bridesmaids feel appreciated! Check them out!

Gifts your bridesmaids would love to receive

For the Pampered Gal:
Give her quality skin care products from Luxe Organix that she can add to her routine. “Paraben-free” and “organic” will be music to her ears!

Luxe Organix


For the Beauty Guru:
Make her quick touch-ups easier with Sunnies Face!

Sunnies Face


For the Beach Bum:
She’ll love basking under the sun in style with these Sunnies Studios sunglasses!

Sunnies Studios


For the Girly Girl:
Add to her wide collection of accessories with these dainty pieces from Fina Manila.

Fina Manila


For the Fitness Buff:
Challenge her to a Pilates workout at One Life Studio. She’ll enjoy it for sure!

OneLife Studio


For the Organizer:
Have her initials embroidered on a pouch by Something Personal to help her keep things organized. She won’t forget you for it!

Something Personal


For the Nurturer:
Turn her into a certified plant mama with these potted plant babies from Nest Plant Studio!

Nest Plant Studio


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