Songs Perfect For Walking Down The Aisle: Part 3

When the day of saying your “I Dos” finally comes, make sure you’ve got a beautiful, meaningful song to walk down the aisle to. This will be your last “walk” as a single woman, so make every step count with an extra special song that’ll get your heart all soft and your stomach all fluttery. […]

This Fun Pop Afterparty Playlist Will Get Everyone Dancing In No Time!

When the reception program is over, the lights are dimmed, and alcohol starts being served, that means only one thing… it’s paaarty tiiime! Afterparties are always fun, and they’re made even more exciting and memorable when you’ve got upbeat dance songs to match. So we rounded up fun pop hits to keep you and all […]

A Fun and Romantic All-90s Wedding Playlist That Will Take You Down Memory Lane!

You’ll truly be feeling all the #throwbackfeels with this purely 90s playlist. From touching love songs for the reception to fun danceable beats for the afterparty, you, your now-husband (or wife), and all your guests will surely enjoy every song in this all-90s wedding playlist! Tagged: all-90s afterparty / all-90s reception / all-90s wedding music / all-90s […]

Dance the Night Away with This All-80s Afterparty Playlist!

The fun of the wedding celebration doesn’t end when the reception is over… in fact, this is when the fun truly begins! The afterparty is the time for you and your guests to loosen up, show off all your cool dance moves, and just have absolute f-u-n. And because 80s music is still such a […]

Sweet OPM Songs for Your Ceremony, Reception, and Wedding Video

I don’t know about you, but I always feel a special emotion when listening to OPM songs! Knowing that the artist is Filipino plays a part in the reason as to why I feel the way I do towards these songs, but the sheer talent is what amazes me most. Besides making you feel #PinoyPride on your […]