Bridesmaid Gifts That Will Make Your Girls Squeal With Delight

As your virtual wedding best friend, we know that the stress of wedding planning knows no limit. And because our aim is to help all brides-to-be, we want to save you the hassle by ticking one task off your wedding checklist–your bridesmaids gifts. Though not necessarily required, giving bridesmaids gifts is a form of saying thank you for helping you out during all your bridezilla wedding prep days. Locally-available and easily delivered right on your doorstep, we hunted down amazing online stores that can provide precious gift items for your ladies! Enjoy!


1. Customized shoe bags from Beyond Stitched


2. Bangles from Chic Curator


3. Trinket trays from The Best Impressions


4. Paper goods from Sunday Paper


5. Watercolored canvas pouches from Mica Samar


6. Engraved wooden hangers from MELAfied.


7. Robes from La Tercera


8. Hangover Survival Kit by Tweed & Twine


9. Skincare Essentials Set from V&M Naturals


10. Ethnic clutches from Ethnique Ph


11. Roundie towel from Quiver


12. Matching swimsuits from Sundae


13. Handmade upcycled jewelry from Olivia and Diego


14. Sandals from Suelas


There you go, ladies–a few knickknacks and keepsakes you and your girls will cherish forever! Let us know your fave in the comment box below. <3

P.S. – We hope you had fun doing some virtual window shopping with us!


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