Vania Romoff Opens Her First Bridal Salon and Launches Her Newest Wedding Collection!

Romance and femininity embodied through sleek silhouettes and thoughtful choices in fabric, this is the Vania Romoff signature touch that makes every one of her pieces so breathtaking! Leave it to Vania Romoff to wow us with gorgeous, modern bridal dresses that are intentionally crafted with her muse in mind: The woman.

And now you can also have that dream-like experience of being a VR bride with the launch of the first Vania Romoff Bridal Salon. Keep reading to know more about it and for a closer look at her latest collection.

A large portion of the 41-square meter space of this boutique is dedicated to the privacy of a single bride’s personal experience. In one corner, a couch for her friends and family to join her. At the center, a display for all the possible gowns, curated by the dedicated team of Vania Romoff. And on the side, a warmly lit space solely for three angled mirrors to view the bride’s full look in what could be the “one”–the dress that fulfills her bridal fantasy,” says the Vania Romoff team. They have created a warm, inviting, and private space where any bride can have that special moment of finding her dress and experiencing the romance of trying on a Vania Romoff creation. It’s like stepping into an enchanting bridal oasis!

Tricia Gosingtian (Left), Bride and Breakfast Founder Janna Simpao (Center), Fashion Designer Vania Romoff (Right)

As you enter the boutique, you will first be greeted by samples of seasonal Vania Romoff signature pieces so that you can enjoy favorites from the VR RTW line, maybe even find something for your engagement shoot or after-party! “And as one turns to face the full-length mirror or move into the dressing room, there’s a curious door with translucent glass on it. No one can see what’s inside, but the warm light invites anyone’s curiosity. On the threshold of that door is a sign, in elegant, gold letters that say “VR Bridal Studio”. This is where the fantasy begins for the bride-to-be,” says the Vania Romoff team.

Together with the grand opening of the bridal salon, Vania Romoff also launches her latest collection. It’s so apt to describe these pieces as pushing boundaries of what is considered to be “bridal.” Veering away from what’s traditional, these pieces are truly for the modern bride. The collection features stunningly made dresses and separates with a variety of details such as 3D flowers, pleated fabrics, oversized bows, and pearls.

And, of course, we’re loving iterations of Vania’s iconic Camisa – from tops with cascading capes to a doll dress version with a playful and flouncy skirt.

Other pieces you can enjoy from this collection are drop waist skirts as well as sleek and classic column dresses and tea-length dresses.

Now, which of these gorgeous ensembles do you imagine yourself wearing for your wedding?

The ready-to-wear area of the boutique is open for walk-ins during Shangri-la Plaza’s mall hours. But the VR Bridal Studio is accessible by appointment only. Appointments can be made through VANIAROMOFF.PH or email The VR Bridal Boutique can be found on the 4th floor of Shangri-la Plaza mall’s East Wing in Mandaluyong.

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