20 Details You Can Personalize For Your Wedding

What makes a wedding stand out? With all the weddings that we’ve seen here at B&B, we can tell you that some of the things that make a wedding stand out from all the others are the details. And when we say details, we don’t just mean the decor, the flowers, or the styling. Simple things like […]

The Perfect Ring Cut Suited for Your Fianceé

Men, shopping for the perfect engagement ring for your fianceé has a lot to do with style and what fits her personality. Among all the other rings you’ll lay your eyes on, there will be one that will undoubtedly stand out and call your attention–this is it, the perfect one for her! How will you […]

So Ladies, How Did He Put A Ring On It?

Hey, loves! It’s no secret that everything related to rings is something we all fall head over heels for. So today, we want to ask you about engagement rings, and if you’re engaged or married, how your husband proposed to you! It’s always awesome to find out these love stories. We have a special treat […]