20 Details You Can Personalize For Your Wedding

What makes a wedding stand out? With all the weddings that we’ve seen here at B&B, we can tell you that some of the things that make a wedding stand out from all the others are the details. And when we say details, we don’t just mean the decor, the flowers, or the styling. Simple things like […]

20 D.I.Y. Wedding Details You Can Definitely Create

D.I.Y.-ing things have become so much easier thanks to Pinterest. And in the years I’ve been pinning, I have come to identify two kinds of brides in the pinning world. The first one is the pin-it-all-I-wish-I-can-do-it-all-again bride–the one who got married before Pinterest was born. If you’re in this class, we feel you, girl. There’s nothing […]