Here’s How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Hashtag

One of the easiest ways to track photos of everyone and everything related to your big day–your wedding hashtag! Today, we’re going to talk about what to do to fully maximize the use of your hashtag. We’re spilling the tea folks, so keep on reading!

Here's How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Hashtag


Plan Ahead

Want your guests to know your wedding hashtag early? Include it in your save the dates, invitations, and even your wedding website (if you choose to have one)! Getting early exposure on your hashtag will hopefully let your guests keep it in mind.


2. Incorporate your hashtag in your photo booth

Ask your photo booth vendor if you can include your hashtag somewhere in the design of each of the printed photos. Another option is to ask them to print it out on the background that your guests will be posing in front of. If your photo booth is the type to send digital copies to your guests, then using the hashtag will be really handy when finding them.


3. Have a board with your hashtag written on it

Have a wedding signage with your hashtag written on it, and place it in a prominent area to make sure your guests will be able to see it. You can place the board at the entrance of your venue, or you can even choose to incorporate it in your table centerpieces! Be creative and think about the best placement for your signs or boards.


4. Ask your host to remind your guests about your hashtag

In between your program, ask your host to mention your hashtag, and invite your guests to use it. Another thing your host can do to get the ball rolling, is to scroll through the current photos of the hashtag, and flash it on a screen. What better way to test it out than on your big day itself?


5. Stick to one hashtag

While there’s nothing wrong with using multiple hashtags for your multiple wedding-related festivities (e.g. engagement shoot, bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc.), if you’re looking for a specific photo, it’ll be easier to type in one hashtag, then let’s say, two or three.


6. Don't forget to check if your hashtag has been used before

The last thing you want to do is look through other people’s photos when you type in your wedding hashtag. Always double check that your hashtag is the only one of its kind. Plus points if it’s unique!


7. Let your guests know what you want and don't want

If you’re not particular about the type of photos you want to see when you type in your hashtag, then you can ignore this point altogether. But if you don’t really want to see photos of the after party for example, then let your guests know. There’s no harm in telling them what you want and don’t want. This actually helps filter your photos already, so you don’t have to go through too many that you don’t really want to see.


8. Try not to make your hashtag too long and overly complicated

The reason? You don’t want to hassle your guests (and yourself)! If your hashtag is super lengthy, with numbers, dashes, and whatnot, you and your guests might just find it easier to not use your hashtag when posting photos.


Got any more tips you want to share to make the most out of your wedding hashtag? We’d love to hear them! Just leave them in the comments below!

P.S. – If you need some help coming up with your wedding hashtag, try posting in our community group here!


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